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Parents and Grandparents Sponsorship 2018

Discussion in 'Family Class Sponsorship' started by Amigo30, Aug 24, 2017.

  1. You are from US, what extreme hardship did you escape from?
    give me a break...
  2. Just a reality of childcare in Canada. A lot of ppl need to be on a waiting list for daycare. And many need to drive 30min to drop their kids off.
  3. Sorry I do not mean to take away spots from anyone, we are qualified in term of incomes, just that we do not have the number needed in the tax return for 1 year only, and the income from US of both of us combined is 2 times more than the required number. In subsequent years we all exceed the required numbers by a large amount. There is no question that we are not financially able to support our parents
  4. Sorry I think you misunderstood, the hardship is not from escaping the US but since both of us are working and with the baby it will be very hard to struggle with work and childcare. We are not earning high enough to hire a full time nanny and we have no relatives here.

    The reason we are moving out of US is because there is no hope to get a greencard with our country of origin due to long wait time and the H1B visa has a limit on how long you can stay.
  5. Your income earned in US is irrelevant, as it doesn't qualify to sponsor parents. Since you didn't have necessary 2014 Canadian income, you didn't qualify to apply in 2017. So you should expect your app will eventually be rejected.

    Once it's rejected, you can choose to appeal the decision. An appeals judge will weigh factors like your H&C reasons, how close to income qualifying, later income levels, etc. If you have a lenient judge they may grant the appeal and allow app to continue. Or they may deny the appeal which means you'd need to try again. There were a few posts here recently on successful parents appeals due to not meeting LICO.

    Note that appeals can take several years just to hear, and then even if you win it would be more time to continue processing the app... so you are probably looking at several more years longer than typical parents processing times.
  6. I never meant you were able to support your parents or not and no one really cares if you are a millionaire or how much money you make..
    Rules are rules and this is Canada, you were supposed to pay 3 years taxes in CANADA, not in US!! You were short on Canadian income for one year, doesn't matter if you were short by $1, you didn't meet the requirements. I hope some other fool take your spot next year like you did and you realize how it feels to be left out.
  7. Thanks a lot for your answer, this makes totally sense, is there any way we can expedite the appeal process? I do not mind paying for a good lawyer to process my case as I really need to have either my parents or his parents here to take care of the baby while we go to work to earn income
  8. If you are able to come here under EXPRESS ENTRY, you must be able to read and understand English right? Shorting even of $1 means you do not meet the criteria to sponsor your parent. It does not matter if you have extreme hardship or not, thousands of other people who meet the qualifications also in the same situation. Thanks for robbing a chance of reunification for 2 families!
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  9. I hope you do not submit another entry again this year without withdrawing your application, you are completely wasting the chance of other people
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    No, you can’t expidite the appeal process. You would have to wait for you application to be declined
    before you appeal and it will be processed in due course.
  11. No you can't expedite. Expect a good 3-5 years in total to wait for app rejection, go through appeals, and if successful continue processing the app.

    If appeal fails, you'll be back at the beginning again and need to win a new lottery spot. You would also have lost out on numerous years you would have actually qualified to apply to the lottery.
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  12. There's no way to expedite an appeal.
  13. Just to clarify, even if your application is accepted now, you are still looking at 3 years before they even start on your parents application. They are currently working on January 2014 applications. You’ll need to take care of the baby by some other means for a few years.
  14. Not quite sure what you think the majority of Canadians do. The majority of households have 2 working parents and have used a daycare or preschool for their children.
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  15. Canadian immigration is cumbersome and many new comers are not sure about the process. I also do not blame her, the systems is designed that way intentionally so that they can reduce intake of parents who they think is just a burden to Canada

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