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Parents and Grandparents Sponsorship 2017

Discussion in 'Family Class Sponsorship' started by BJbirdie, Mar 10, 2017.

  1. I received the Invitation to apply. Preparing the application now.

  2. Quick question and hoping someone can answer. We are completing the application form for my mother in law but her passport expires next year. Would you advise that we put her current passport number in the application or get a new passport and use that for the application.
  3. How difficult is it to update passport number with IRCC?
  4. You can apply now using her current passport and just update IRCC when she gets a new one.
  5. Thanks. We were wondering how easy it is to update
  6. You just send IRCC a copy of the new passport. Pretty easy.
  7. Thanks Bootstrap for the link re PGP and SuperVisa - I would never have found that among all the information we have to trawl through!
  8. Hello BeeA,

    If it is possible for you to get the new passport may be within couple of weeks and you can still achieve the submission within 90 days, you should update the passport.

    If you feel there is some risk there, better you complete the application and upgrade the details of passport latter when your relative has it next year. It's wont impact the application process much.

  9. Updating the passport during the process won't impact the app at all. There is no need to rush out and get a new passport now.
  10. HI

    I am SPONSORING for my parents under PGP, my PR card expeire in june,2017 but APPLICATION DEAD line is july I just submit my PR card renewal today 03 May,2017.

    if I didt receive my PR card before submission of PGP application can I attach the application form pAPER PHOTOCOPY and about to expire pr card card so cic may know that she already apply the papers for renewal?

    pls reply
  11. Hi

    I am also in confusion same case with me

    I am sponsoring my parents , I am married and have one baby

    so I am counting like following
    1 me
    1 husband
    1 father
    1 mother
    total 5

    but again this confusion arise that my bother and sister both are married and not dependent on parents so I guess I should not include them in counting but yes I have to fill different forms IMM5669 for all of them whether they are accompanying my parents to Canada or not.

    again further
    question arise should my brother and sister (married) should fill further their spouse forms as well?

  12. hey from which location you are if u r from Brampton or around area can we fill up forms together.
  13. It is very simple. Your married siblings are not dependents. They are not included in the application. They don't fill out forms. Their spouses don't fill out forms.

  14. can u please clarify should we fill form if brother sister are married (over 18) not depended on my parents

    should I fill schedule 1 background / declaration form IMM5669 for married brother and sister and addition dependent declaration form? IMM 008DEP

    OR only

    additional family member IMM 5409 required to fill?

    do my mother require to fill schedule A BACKGROUND DELARATION FORM IMM5669 (IF I am sponsoring both parents)

    checklist question:

    Question ---form imm1344 signed by me(sponsor), my co signer- my husband

    person I am sponsoring ---am sponsoring both parents but there is signature column only for principal applicant - my father it means mother signature not required on these form although am sponsoring both ?
    picture- only applicant picture - example - my father ( photo) require? or mother (spouse ) also?

    Question- Statutory declaration form of common law partner IMM 5409 is not required if my parents are legally married with marriage certificate?

    Question IMM 008 DEP ADDITION dependent declaration not required if bother sister both are married (over18 age)?

    question- Back ground declaration not required for bother sister both are married only mother and father need to fill up their own copy?

    question - use of representative not required if am applying my self for my parents/.

    supporting documents checklist
    question- copy of passport /travel documents required my brother sister (married) not coming with my parents?
    only parents passport copy required?

    question- copy of brother sister birth certificate not required if they are not coming as dependents with parents?

    one more question just to clarify

    if am sponsoring my parents in PGP the definition of wording in form

    Sponsor- me

    principal applicant - my father?

    sponsored person (principal applicant )- my father?

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