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Pakistani Applicants: After Medical Passed Stage

Discussion in 'International Students' started by tkhan270, Jun 29, 2019.

  1. I passed my medicals today after receiving request from CIC, can someone who has been through the process guide me of what are the next stages of the application. I know application processing times vary but what is the average processing time to get a decision post medical pass notification. TIA
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    Next step is passport submission. I passed medical on 16th may and still waiting for passport request.
  3. Hey man, did you get bio-metrics correspondence letter? My medical passed on 10th May and we are currently sailing in the same boat.
  4. @snoorali I got my bio-metrics letter and PP Request this week after passing medicals on the 29th June.
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  5. Wow congratulations! What's your entire timeline?
  6. Thank you.
    Applied on May 17th
    Got Medical request June 10th
    Gave Medical 26th
    Passed 29th
    Biometrics Letter 3rd July
    Passport request 4th July
  7. T
    That's amazing! Very happy to see you get through before 8 weeks! Its my 11th week here, applied 15th April and still waiting. Tough luck :/
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  8. InshAllah you will get it soon too. Whats your intake? and is it college or Uni?
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  9. InshaAllah hoping for the best!
    UoA, September 2019. What about you?
  10. UofT
    Fall 19
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  11. Great! Best of luck mate.
  12. No bro. When did you apply?
  13. I applied on 15th April (paper-based) and still waiting, when did you apply?
  14. Here's my timeline:

    Applied paper based at VFS Lahore: June 21
    Upfront Medical: June 12
    Linked application online: June 25
    Medical updated to passed: June 26
    Medical Status Change to no medical Required: June 28
    Medical Request despite upfront medical: July 7
    Webform and email submitted to link upfront Medical and response received on: July 14
    Medical passed online: July 14

    As per the webform it mentioned that certain background investigations in process.....
  15. Your application is in background checks (times vary from a week to 2 months) but hopefully thats a sign your app is progressing. Expect a correspondence letter stating biometric validity which will be a signal your app has been concluded, hopefully followed by a Passport request.
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