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Opportunity to immigrate to a small city in Manitoba

Discussion in 'Provincial Nomination Program Immigration' started by SVoth, Jan 31, 2013.

  1. For those still thinking of applying to Morden or other small towns, my husband and his family are from a small Manitoba town (not me, I'm a proud immigrant), so I know small Manitoban towns very well. If anyone has questions, please tag me here.

    I can't give information about the Strategic Initiative because I immigrated through FSW but I can answer questions about the towns, life in Manitoba, etc.
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  2. Hello Sir,
    In 52 now can I apply for Moderna now. I'm into sales n marketing.
    Thanks. Salim
  3. I have filled the application form for Skilled worker in Morden, our NOC class is 1241, we have gotten our educational assessed from ICAS, should we submit the email to info@mordenimmigration.com ?
    Is it advisble
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  4. Hi,

    Are their any other small towns like Morden with their own immigration programs?
  5. I think this thread no more exists?
  6. Do u know from where we have to start for mpnp exploratory visit 2019 through strategic initiative?
  7. Hi

    Can u please guide for pnp Manitoba, what we need to do first?
    A) applying for exploratory visit through strategic initiative?
    B) submitting EOI?
    C)making Express entry profile?
  8. Hello , how do we apply for exploratory visit 2019 for mpnp through strategic initiative?

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