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Opportunity to immigrate to a small city in Manitoba

Discussion in 'Provincial Nomination Program Immigration' started by SVoth, Jan 31, 2013.

  1. Do you enjoy the life of a small city? Morden, Manitoba, Canada is accepting applications for its Community Driven Immigration Initiative. To see if you qualify for this unique opportunity, go to Morden Manitoba's website and look for the "Immigrate to Morden - How to Get here" link.
  2. did you try this route?
  3. I am the Immigration Coordinator for the City of Morden and we are seeking applications that may qualify for our program.
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  4. @SVOTH
    can you please post the link for the complete information...
  5. mordenmb.com/business/immigrate-to-morden/how-to-get-here
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  6. Thanks
  7. this is really interesting but will it affect my application if i have a pending application with quebec? Quebec is taking a long time to respond and i am looking for another option to migrate to canada.

    thanks in advance.
  8. Unfortunately you would not qualify for this program if you already have an application in process.
  9. thank you for your quick response. i guess i would really have to wait for my quebec application (hopefully this year).
  10. Hi SVoth,

    Many thanks for sharing such a informative link.
    I have some Questions, if you guys can guide me a bit more.

    1-I am spouse of Principal applicant of MPNP, Got Nominated and PR application in Progress can i apply separately ?
    If yes; then how could the pre-assessment will be done, to apply on line or what?

    Many thanks!

  11. Hi SVoth,

    it means we dont need any kind of sponsorship??
  12. Yes, it means that you don't need any other kind of sponsorship.

    And to answer the question regarding being the spouse of the Principal Applicant of another application, I'll check into that but it seems that if you already got nominated through the MPNP with your spouse, it would be faster just to wait for that application to go through.
  13. thanx for the reply SVoth.

    I want to apply to manitoba but dnt have any relative in canada. I am working as an English teacher in Government school. and got 6.5 in IELTS. I want to apply for this city. can you help me how to start this process
  14. Many thanks Ms. Voth.
    So I would be waiting for your kind feedback.
  15. Svoth,

    I have a friend who happen to be among the Pre Feb 2008 who has his application cancelled - he chose Alberta in the form and i do not think that matters again now.

    He has written for an exploratory visit under the Strategic Initiative stream, can he apply to Morden.

    Thank you.

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