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Open work permit spouse visa

Discussion in 'Temporary Residence in Canada (Work, Study, Visit)' started by Chandana007, Nov 3, 2019.

  1. Wht r the documents required for canada open work permit spouse visa?
  2. Have you looked at the checklist provided?
  3. My biometric is done..in 5th Nov 2019...how many days it will take for staming
  4. Approx 8week is show on the site
  5. That must be for inside Canada. The wait time for SOWP can be many months from some countries.
  6. Which country you are applying from? From India as well it showing 8week and it totally depends on workload and your total file compilation. There are file which are accepted within 20days or 45days or soon or later totally depends on your file and IRCC load..
  7. Last email I got in 7th oct it is under process at IRCC office.,.
  8. When you have applied and have you given the medical??
  9. How many days have been passed after medical??
  10. Can you tell the time of
    Medical Request:-
    Result :-
    In which IRCC you file is in??
  11. I submitted medical with all documents.Biometric done in 5th nov...nd after tht I got email in 7th Nov my document is under process at IRCC office new Delhi..
  12. Have you applied yourself or have opt. For an agent becoz right now IRCC are functioning slow I guess they are taking time in all application.

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