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Discussion in 'Provincial Nomination Program Immigration' started by Mozijikuu, Jan 15, 2019.

  1. Do you know if the OINP can 'close' before our 45 days is over? I mean is the NOI safe for next 45 days? Or is there a chance that OINP can close and then our NOI will expire etc. I read cases like this happening in 2017
  2. Where did you read this? Please share links
  3. From what I understand, this guy though NOI was nomination and didnt think to submit application where as the date to submit application is 45 days feom receiving NOI..

    My understanding of the posts no where suggests that NOI will close before 45 days.. but hey, they gave us the NOI they can take it away.. so "never" say "never"

    2017 was a different year.. We could send EOI and portal to submit it was not open 365 days a year.. In my opinion, that's what they are talking about in that post..

    I think yoi could've read the post end to end and figured it out..
  4. I did read the post. I think they are saying something else. But I dont know how things were in 2017 so its hard to figure out. Anyways, I am not concerned about that happening too much.
  5. I didn't mean to write the post the way i did.. specially the last line.. i was mad at something else..

    My apologies

    Best of luck!
  6. Hello.. question on POF.. please let me know if there are any concerns with the below -
    1. Is it fine to show a bank joint account with the spouse? Spouse is the non- primary.
    2. This account has our life savings so the amount is higher than the required amount for our family size. Is this ok?
  7. hello folks,

    is there some criteria to be selected for oinp/get an noi?

    I am in the pool since march with a crs of 441 and noc of 2173; and I didn't get the noi.

    is there anyone else who hasn't got the noi despite having the required crs and noc?

    those who got the noi, did you guys do anything special to make it happen?
  8. Hello.. for the oinp application is this the time where we submit all the validating documents like employer ref letter, POF, pcc, medicals etc or are these submitted only after ita is received post nomination? Please advise
  9. You submit all document , POF and employer ref letter now except for PCC and medicals that will be submitted post after ITA, together with all other documents initially submitted now
  10. Sure, thanks. Also the spouse is not the primary applicant but her work is also shown...do we have to get her employer ref letter also? Or can we just submit all her work docs, incl her job duties? It'd be difficult to get her ref letter from her employer so early in the application process
  11. Hi Everyone,
    I have a 3 years advanced diploma and I got a EOI from Ontario under HCP stream. Is there anyone who applied for HCP stream with 3 years diploma.
  12. Hello All,

    for getting NOI in OINP tech draw the applicant should be a primary or secondary can also get it ?

    In our case my NOC is 2172 but I am secondary applicant, Our profile was selected in regular EE draw of Jan 23rd with CRS 454 whereas cutoff was 437 only, since then we are waiting for Stamping request (almost 5 months over).

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