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Ontario (OINP) International Student with a Job Offer Stream

Discussion in 'Provincial Nomination Program Immigration' started by CanadianDream888, Apr 16, 2018.

  1. dont care too much about the median wave, just submit your payroll to prove that it is a real job.
  2. Pause has nothing to do with this. My wife created her application on April 20 and we submitted the last document and the application on April 30. She got her nomination yesterday. You should email or give them a call.

  3. Hi there,

    I would advise you to speak with your employer and explain the situation to them.
    Have a meeting with you Manager/ HR (whoever is the head or in charge), ask them if they could help you make little changes in your wages.

    For example: if the median wage is $23 per hour and you make $21 per hour

    Since you said you are employed full time, which is 40 hours per week
    As per Canada Imm. Full time hours is 30 hours per week

    $21 per hour - 40 hours per week
    $23 per hour - ???????

    You can ask your employer to pay you at the rate of $23 per hour at let's say 37.5 hours per week (FYI: I didn't do the maths).

    All in all, request a little changes in your pay which be equivalent to the same thing they pay you now. They will not pay you more, they will not pay you less, they will pay you the same. It's just the hours per week and hourly wage that is changing for a little while (for your application).
  4. they just make a call to verify this, and you will be a liar, banned for 5 years
  5. Hi can someone tell me that can we change the job after pr approval . I applied under employer job offer stream .
  6. To apply for ONIP.

    Do you need a NOC A or B job?

    Secondly, do banks like TD, CIBC help us with this?

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