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Ontario Entrepreneur Program. Lets connect

Discussion in 'Business Immigration' started by VIJAYMAGHNANI, Jul 14, 2019.

  1. Hi,

    I am finally applying for ontario Entrepreneur program under their new rulings effective 8th july.

    I have booked my exploratory visit on 5th sept .

    Anyone in similar situation or have already applied for it .pls share your experience.

    Lets get connect here to help each other

    Vijay Kumar
  2. Hi
    Can a 56 year old guy also apply?
    I worked offshore for most of my life.
    Looking to start something and move with my son who is 16 years old
    Let us connect
  3. Hello. I am also working on to apply for Ontario enterpreneur stream. Do you think its mandatory to do a exploratory tri
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    If I read it correctly think there is a mandatory in person interview as part of the process and as a minimum a business related visit if taking on an existing business. An exploratory visit as such not mandatory

    .Not sure why anyone would not want to do a trip before risking such an investment given the extensive requirements to even qualify.
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    Do not see anything about age but there are pretty extensive requirements to establish and maintain a business plus of course initially is only a temporary work permit.

  6. Can we buy a franchise outside GTA under this stream ?
    What is the status of dependents ? can the kids get access to school and health ? can spouse work ?

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