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online application timeline for June 2018 applicant from india

Discussion in 'Visitors' started by deep4103, Jun 4, 2018.

  1. I hope so. Thanks a lot though.
  2. Enjoy the journey :):)
  3. Hi, For my in-laws, Passport was given on Aug 7, we physically collected it back on Aug 9 (Bangalore VFS)
    For my mother, we haven't submitted the passport for stamping yet.
  4. Hi @Bryanna, I specifically requested for CAN+ processing in cover letter and every letter applicable, It got approved under 48 hours( applied online). Thanks for your help. Hope they have issued VISA till passport expiry.
    Because they didn't issue till passport expiry last year, we had to do all these...
  5. I have a good feeling her TRV will be valid the passport expiry. She proved she was a genuine visitor on her previous stay.

    Super fantastic. Glad she was approved in 48 hours (unlike your in-laws that took far too long for approvals). All is well that ends well :)
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  6. Indeed, Thanks
  7. My uncle aunt applied in June 22 Chandigarh . No updates until yesterday but today on cic website the status changed from “submitted” —-> “application/profile updated” . Does anyone know what this status message means. Have they started looking at application ?
  8. I applied for my parents TRV on June8th from Chandigarh and recieved an application number on June22nd.I asked my agent to link the file online on Aug10th and since then it shows the same status "we are reviewing your file".My father works with government organization and i got to know from someone that this is the reason of delay.However, why they take time to verify things for government employees.:I got no idea about that.Can someone please suggest what should i do now..should i wait or email them.
  9. Application time varies from file to file to be honest. And recently its been very slow due to tourist season i assume.
    We had applied for my inlaws last year, both of them work in government. Got their trv in less than a month.
    We now applied for my mother this june and file is still under review.
    We sent them a web form. Havent received any answer yet.
    You can try doing that, has to be done by your agent though.
  10. If you check further, you could see review of eligibility started.
  11. Applied on August 25th
    Online application.
    Confirmation on August 26th.

    Husband is a canadian citizen, wife is indian with PR application in process. We got SA, passed medical exam and AOR2. She has travel to Europe , US and a valid US tourist visa. We both live in India.
  12. Yeah you are right it varies from case to case but i am totally frustrated now.Anyways thanks for the reply.
  13. I
    It is frustrating. Hopefully they process it soon. Good luck.
  14. Just saw now the application status changed to approved with document expiry in 2020( two years visa) . Same for my aunt it shows approved and document expiry in 2020 but for aunt document status shows invalid . Is there an issue
  15. Congratulations for approval.

    Not sure what invalid documents means.
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