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online application timeline for June 2018 applicant from india

Discussion in 'Visitors' started by deep4103, Jun 4, 2018.

  1. I have applied online on 1 June 2018 for visitor visa.

    Please share your timeline for your online visa application status.
  2. I have applied on 1st June. No update yet
  3. Same for me online application nothing yet status under process
  4. applied earlier today (june 4th) for in-laws. got uci and application # for each, but nothing else.
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    Online application Chennai

    Applied: 31st may

    Eligibility review: 1st june

    Passport request: 3rd june
  6. Have you visited Canada/US earlier or hold a valid US visa?
  7. Visited US once in 2009. Also holding a valid US visa
  8. Thats much faster and good for you out of your days 2 days were saturday Sunday.
    Your US visa helped you processing your file in CAN+.Good news

    Hoepfully my file they will consider also under CAN+ as they link my file to previous UCI
    Still showing status under process applied 1 june online
  9. Thank you.. i hope ur file gets processed asap!! All the best

  10. Do you mind sharing the documents you attached and reason of visit along with funds.
    Do you show travel itineraries as well or just booked flight tickets.
  11. Just my old passport with US visa & travel history of the last 5 years ( UK, schengen)

    I didn't show any travel itineraries or flight bookings.
  12. Thats great and Whats the purpose of visit
  13. Tourism
  14. Your application was processed under CAN+
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  15. Applied:- 22/05/2018
    Applied for:- MYSELF
    Type:- PAPER BASED
    Visa office:- BANGALORE
    Link to Online Account :- 29/05/2018
    Status:- UNDER PROCESS

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