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OINP-HCP-Application Submitted April and May 2018

Discussion in 'Provincial Nomination Program Immigration' started by dh5689, May 22, 2018.

  1. Hello guys,

    here I m starting a new thread to discuss the timelines, status updates and other details regarding folks who submitted application in April and May 2018.

    I submitted my application on April 19, 2018.
    Status : Submitted

    Kindly share your timeline and Status.
  2. Submitted mine on April 21, status still showing as submitted
  3. Submitted Application on April 4th so far only AOR received .

    No other mail .
  4. Submitted on 5th April
    Assessment on 23rd April
    Additional document required mail on 22nd May
    Documents sent on 28th May
    Next steps waiting
    Fingers crossed
  5. As per myimmitracker website, they are assessing April 1st week application and giving them acknowledgement letter.

    I m guessing we are close to assessment stage.
    Hope this will come soon. this waiting period is really nerve wrecking. :eek::eek:
  6. How does AOR Look like? Means email?

    So far so, I only got email with below title.

    "OINP - Application Received / POCI - Demande a reçu"
    Have you get any other email other than this?

    I'm wondering as I haven't got any AOR yet except this.

  7. That email is your AoR; you should've got this the day you submitted your application.
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  8. Thanks buddy,
    Then its time to change the signature!!:cool:
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  9. Submitted application on 26 May 2018. Received AOR.
    Achieved CLB 7 only trying for more.
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  10. Did you get NOI under French stream or skill Trade?

  11. Its called AOR and even i received the same thingy nothing else so far till date :)
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  12. Any idea when our turn will come ??
  13. After Checking immitracker, it will probably takes a month.
    They are currently reviewing March application. so still a month to go.
  14. U mean we shld hold tight till july ? ;)
  15. YES, we do.:)
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