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OINP - 2018 Employer Job Offer Stream

Discussion in 'Provincial Nomination Program Immigration' started by T.J., Nov 1, 2018.

  1. Hi Everyone,

    I submitted the application for OINP Employer job offer International student stream. on Oct 25 2018.
    Is there anyone who has submitted theirs recently ?

    Let us share our experiences for all the remaining 2018 Applicants here.

    I asked OINP Contact center about the number of application remaining for this year and they said even if they run out of the numbers they will still process the application within the same time frame and consider that towards 2019.
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  2. Any one with pending recent application, please join here. I am just trying to track down the process.
  3. Hi dear i m also on sam
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  4. Could you please share your timelines ?
  5. Aor on 22 feb medical request on 22 may medical done 02 july after that no news
  6. I just received a request for additional information. They asked for my recent payslip.

    How do I send them ? By email ??
  7. Thank you.
  8. Anyone still waiting for OINP nomination ??
  9. Yes! I applied on nov 13, AOR on nov 15, status changed to asessement today!
  10. Great.
    I applied on Oct 25.
    AOR Oct 26.
    Assessment on Oct 29.
    ADR on Nov 5.
    Documents submitted Nov 9.
    DIP since Nov 9.
  11. Do you think, since nominations from now on will be on the 2019 quota, the nomination can only come in 2019? Or can they nominatethis year still?
  12. I Called them to ask the same and they said they will process all the applications (received after 6600) with same time frame(60 to 90 days). So I think our applications will not be any different than the ones already approved.
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  13. My status changed to DIP today, what about yours?
  14. Mine is still in DIP since 9th.

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