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OINP - 2018 Employer Job Offer Stream

Discussion in 'Provincial Nomination Program Immigration' started by T.J., Nov 1, 2018.

  1. They can still ask for additional docs. Chances are LOW.
    Usually 2 to 3 weeks after DIP to get approved. Most Cases.
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  2. Thank you.
  3. Hi Folks,

    Our Status changed to approved today, and EOI shows N/A. Whats the next step. Are we going to receive any letter.In mail or Email.

    Please help.
  4. You are going to receive Confirmation of nomination in Mail within a week.
  5. Okay Great, Thank you.
  6. Hi T.J,

    Our employer received a letter from Ministry of Economic Development saying <Employment Position Approval Letter> with our file number. Do we receive a separate letter to be used with permanent residence application. Please help.

    Thank you.
  7. We receive 3 things in mail all together.

    Approval letter,
    Work permit support letter,
    Confirmation of Nomination -- This is a document we need to use in PR Application
  8. we received it all, thank you.
    Since you just prepared your application i keep bugging you.
    i am preparing the PR application now have little confusion on few things
    - do we have to show proof of funds.
    -and do we have to do certified true copies of photocopied documents.

    Please help.
  9. Also, i am assuming its not mandatory to renew work permit if it have enough validity. in our case it valid until November 2020.
  10. Hello, did you guys applied immediately after you got job offer in NOC 0,A,B or did you have to wait for sometime like 6 months to apply?
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    Hi TJ, / y'all

    I haven't found a lot of students that applied for their PR via ISJO stream here but you are definitely one of them. I've been reading all your posts about your own process and if you don't mind, I'd like to ask a few things:

    * Did you apply through a lawyer or you did it all by yourself? ( I saw a post from a guy who did it through a lawyer so he didn't really have much to share)

    * Regarding the employer side of it. Did you have to submit any other documents apart from the employer form?

    * How did the process go ? Did you employer receive documents from OINP/ Ministry of Economic development? Did you employer have to keep in touch with them?
    Did you end up considering this process negative at all? I mean in a sense that you were working as the process was being processed.For example, did your employer keep on asking you questions related to the process?

    Has anyone ever applied through this process while working for multinationals or in other words, large corporations? (E.g. EY, Scotiabank, Magna international and the list goes on lol)

    Last but not least, were you not able to apply online via Express Entry after getting your nomination approved? I'm pretty they have made a few updates where the whole thing can be done online. I mean 1 ISJO / If approved = 2 with the confirmation of nomination handy - Application via EE

    Y'all, I'm sorry for the book I wrote. I just think that my questions could be also someone else's Therefore, the answers could definitely help us out.


  12. To everyone whose employer is willing to work with your paper, which company are you working for? I'm trying to find a company who is willing to work with me for the ISJO
  13. mine is still says Decision in progress since 17th of may. They didnt ask any other documents. they will only ask if they find something complicated regarding your job or the employer.
  14. don't you mind to share your timeline after you've applied via paper?

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