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OINP - 2018 Employer Job Offer Stream

Discussion in 'Provincial Nomination Program Immigration' started by T.J., Nov 1, 2018.

  1. Oh well! I hope they nominate this year still :)
  2. Well yeah. I thoght i will be the last one waiting for this game yet. Hope we get this over with soon.
  3. Hi, thanks for this posting. So did you make your employer submit thier tax forms, T4 summary etc. to OINP? or is this so called employer form was the only thing you asked them to sign for you?
  4. Employer form was the only thing I asked my employer to sign for me and i attached that. If they require any other info from employer, they would contact employer.
  5. Awesome thank you! I have also heard from other threads saying employers need to be pre-screened before sponsoring me in the application. I guess it is not the case for international student stream then,.
  6. It used to be like that before may last year when employer needed to apply for pre-screening process. They announced on May 31 2017 that these streams are now more like applicant driven. Below is what they updated.

    May 31, 2017


    Re: Launch of New Express Entry Skilled Trades Stream, Streamlined Employer Job Offer Stream and Updated Entrepreneur Stream

    The OINP has launched a new stream for skilled trades workers under the Express Entry system, and has streamlined its Employer Job Offer Stream and updated its Entrepreneur Stream.

    New: Ontario’s Express Entry Skilled Trades Stream
    The new Express Entry Skilled Trades Stream is targeted at attracting skilled trades workers to meet labour market needs in the construction and agricultural sectors, but could be expanded to other sectors in the future. Applications are now being accepted online for this stream.

    Streamlined Employer Job Offer Stream
    The former employer driven streams are now called the Employer Job Offer Stream. The Employer Job Offer Stream has a new streamlined application approach for international students and foreign workers with a job offer. The nominee, instead of the employer, now leads the application process and is responsible for preparing their application. Less documentation is required upfront from the employer. Applications are now being accepted online for this stream.

    Updated Entrepreneur Stream
    The minimum language level required for the Entrepreneur Stream has been lowered, and potential applicants will receive more points on their Expression of Interest if they wish to establish their business, or buy an existing business, in a community outside the Greater Toronto Area (GTA). Expressions of Interest continue to be accepted online for this stream.

    Please refer to the new application guides for further details on applying to each of these streams:

    Please visit our Frequently Asked Questions page for additional information.

    Please monitor this OINP Updates page for news, announcements and program developments.
  7. December 6th, 2018


    Please be advised that the Ontario Immigrant Nominee Program has received an increase to its 2018 nomination allocation. The program will continue to process applications and issue nominations until the increased allocation is fulfilled. Any applications submitted that exceed the OINP’s nomination allocation increase will be processed. If approved, you will be nominated in 2019 and you will be notified at that time.

    You can check the status of your application at any time through the OINP e-Filing Portal.

    Please monitor this OINP Updates page for news, announcements and program developments.
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  8. Hi, I applied on 22nd October and got dip status on 27th but no response after that . Almost 2 months and nothing yet.
  9. no updates yet. DIP since nov 9.
  10. Also still on Dip here!

    submitted : nov/13
    Completion: nov/15
    Assessment: nov/22
    DIP : Nov/27
  11. Submitted mine on the 06th of December 2018 in the same stream (Intl Student w/ Job Offer). I'm not sure what the next steps are - do I get a confirmation that my application has started being processed at some point down the line or does it just stay as "Submitted" until the end?
  12. Where it says submitted, it will change to assessment and then to decision in progress, which is the final stage.
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  13. Hi,What are the chances of getting nomination with 430 CRS in ontario with LMIA (Skill B)?
  14. Congratulations and good luck with your PR application!!!!!
  15. Congratulations! What was your CRS

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