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Discussion in 'Family Class Sponsorship' started by frisbee2017, Oct 5, 2019.

  1. Thanks! I’ll be submitting my application this month end!
  2. Sent my package - hopefully complete - at beginning of October, watching the tracking for expected arrival shortly. Good luck all.
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  3. Hello everyone! My requirements are almost complete. I just have a few concerns. I hope you could help me

    (Back story)

    I came to canada last October 2018 thru my Mom. I worked here for 9 months and had to go back home last June 2019 for the wedding. We got married just this August and I return here in Canada just this September. My concern is regarding my income. My NOA shows really little income since I started working Novermber 2018 so I didnt consider putting my NOA. In my previous work, I had to resign since I was gone for 3 months and was told to re-apply. I got 2 part time jobs now (including my old job) and I am planning to attach my pay slips as proof of income. But since I just started working this week, it will only just half of my usual biweekly salary. Should I just wait for the full salary, or what do you suggest? Also, how many paystubs should I attach as proof of income? Please help me.
  4. Documents submitted to CIC Sydney NS 8 weeks ago but AoR hasn't been received till date. I am so worried, please someone let me know how long CIC usually takes to send AoR.
  5. Submitted the application package yesterday...
  6. Submitted my husband's application today through my lawyer. Let's see when AOR1 comes. God Willing it will be sooner than later.
  7. Application received October 7, good luck to us all
  8. Good luck to all!
  9. Mine was also delivered on the 7th, so will be watching to see what happens.

    I know the period to get the AOR seems to be 60 days or so ... which seems interminably long. Amazing they don't provide some acknowledgement of receipt that's just that, 'we got your package.' Most worried of course it will be sent back.
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  10. Yes...Me too worried during this period...Let's hope for the best...
    My package should be received within 2 days...

    I am watching some forums and tracker...this 60 days seems to be reduced to around 40 days..
  11. oh i hope so! I just want AOR to be received so I can not worry about it being sent back. Good luck!
  12. Mine received today...So, next step is to wait for an Email acknowledgement that they received the application ? That means it will be accepted and any further questions will be done by "Additional document request" ?
  13. Almost 62 days have been passed after submission of the documents, but still waiting for the AoR. They are taking so looooonnnngggg ☹️☹️

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