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The Outland Sponsorship Process

Discussion in 'Family Class Sponsorship' started by JoshC, Jun 24, 2019.

  1. I've seen many questions asked about the outland process and its various stages, so I created this post to try to provide a detailed breakdown.

    The beginning of the process - AOR1

    Creating a GCKEY account
    Sponsorship Approval
    CIC sends requests
    PA Processing
    • Your application will then be transferred to your local VO, or in some instances CPC-Mississauga. CIC will send an email to the sponsor confirming which VO it has gone to. https://imgur.com/a/fjKRY
    • Once the VO begins to process the application, they will send the PA an email to confirm they have receipted the application, this is known as AOR2. Not all VO's send this email, however. https://imgur.com/3KAwhoK.
    • In some instances, for AOR2 you need to reply on ECAS to update to show when the application began to process under the applicant's details: https://imgur.com/Evp18Ca - this shows when your local VO began to process your application and is commonly referred to as 'Line 2 on ECAS'.
    GCKEY Updates
    • GCKEY goes through various changes during the final stages, again, this doesn't happen for everyone, unfortunately, and you may find your application show eligibility and background checks in progress from the moment you link your account. You'll see the following towards the end of the process: https://imgur.com/a/nSDvwQt
    • This is the slowest part of the entire process as background and eligibility checks can take a long time to process. Some people get ghost updates on GCKEY as the application is worked on. This is shown when the status shows as Application/Profile Updated.
    Checking ECAS
    • ECAS allows you to check for updates on the application and during the final stages will show decision made under the principal applicant's section: https://imgur.com/F3yPtfD
    Passport Request (PPR) & Confirmation of Permanent Residency (COPR)
    • Once you've received 'decision made', you'll get a passport request emailed to you: https://imgur.com/a/RRL6H
    • You'll send your passport to the address listed in the email, along with two pictures and the document. If you're from a visa exempt country, they will request photocopies of your passport rather than the passport itself. Send this along with a signed Annex A to the address outlined in the PPR.
    • Once this has been processed, your GCKEY will update to show 'Approved'. You'll be issued with your COPR: https://imgur.com/a/f79qD
    • COPR will then be mailed to the address you listed in your PPR: https://imgur.com/a/gTdTl
    You're then free to land with your COPR.

    Landing in Canada
    • Depending on your situation, there are multiple options for landing in Canada:

      • The most common is for PA's that have remained outside of Canada during their full outland process outlined here: https://britishexpats.com/wiki/Landing_as_PR-Canada.
      • Flagpoling - this is the act of going to the nearest land border to have your PR activated. This is commonly used when the PA is already within Canada under dual intent. https://www.immigroup.com/news/flagpoling-your-way-new-work-or-study-permit-or-permanent-residence
      • Land at a local CIC office: This method can take a long time depending on how busy your local office is. Again, this is suited to applicants that are currently living in Canada. To book an appointment once you have COPR, call +1 888 242-2100 and request an appointment, you will then be contacted by your local office to arrange a date. Or for anyone who’s worried about toll-free not being included on their plan.

    Credit to @haXudon and @svilli for a few of the images.
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  2. Amazing job. Well done! This will help many.
  3. thank you so much for this! i will use this in the future when things get moving in my application :)

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