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October 2016 - Citizenship Applicants

Discussion in 'Citizenship' started by imran01, Sep 30, 2016.

  1. Best of Luck
  2. Hi guys! I got my oath taking invitation last week april 27. :) my oath is on May 16. Thank you everyone! Especially to Imran!
  3. Can anybody please advise ?
    What all documents do people take to their citizenship interview besides original docs. I have heard people are asked to show their company id etc. Have you guys taken pay stubs etc. ?
    Also I m missing some passport stamps. Will I get CIT0520 then ?
  4. Ive already answered your question in your January Applications post
  5. best of Luck for the future..
  6. Hi
    I have a missing departure on my I-94. Please let me know how I should get it fixed.
  7. Hi Everyone,

    I took the Citizenship oath today.

    DM in March, very next day of test.
    Oath Letter - April last week.
    oath - May.
    Applied in Oct.

    Thank you Everyone for your help.
    The forums on this site were very helpful in this Journey.

  8. Hi Everyone..
    i received Oath Letter dated 2 May for 17 May ceremony...
    Best of luck to everyone
    and thank you for all you guys for support and contributions..
  9. one day I will do the same post
  10. very soon..but mine took 7 months... :)
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  11. good luck my friend ,, happy for you
  12. Congrats..we both have same oath date...
    Where is ur oath??
    I guess toronto tpc???
  13. Thanks..
    Erin Mills..Mississauga
  14. It's a bit late to post this today, but I feel indebted to this forum so I hope you agree it's better late than never.

    Our ceremony took place 3 weeks ago capping a journey that started 12 years ago, and extended over 4 countries in 4 continents.

    Proud Canadian citizens :)

    Thanks for everyone. Wish you all the best always.
  15. Since that is from the USA, you need to contact US-CBP to correct that. Check their website for contact details.

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