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October 2016 - Citizenship Applicants

Discussion in 'Citizenship' started by imran01, Sep 30, 2016.

  1. hi everyone
    i just start the new room for October 2016 citizenship applicants
    please share your plans and timelines.. and help each other

    looking forward to find new friends
  2. Thanks Imran. I am planning to apply on October 5th. will update every body when I do so!
  3. I may do it this Nov.

    4 years stays
  4. Hi Imaran: I think i have to join Oct group, since my application was delivered on Sep 30, i will update timeline here once I have the AOR

    Best Wishes to all in the Oct group
  5. Send Paperwork for Family of 4 on 1st Oct 2016. Application should arrive NS office on 5th October.
  6. Actually we sandwich Between month so i am updating excel sheet Sept. As well
    and i think we should use the same excel sheet for this room too. To get more data to analysis
    if u can paste the link in this group as well

  7. I will be submitting application for 3 of us on OCt 16. What is typical timelines for the get is processed. My one of friend got in 3 month recently.
  8. Hello everyone me and my husband are october applicants! Good luck to each and everyone of us. :D

    App sent: Sept. 29,2016
    App Received: Oct. 05,2016
    Test Request:
    Test Taken:
  9. Hi I heard this year 2016 Is Fast, usually 3-6 months. Lets keep are fingers crossed! hoping for 3 mos process. :D ;D
  10. Hello everyone :D, Good luck :).

    App type: Single
    Sent from: Ottawa, Ontario.
    App sent: Sept. 30,2016
    App Received: Oct. 03,2016
    In Process:
    Test Request:
    Test Taken:
  11. Tips:
    1- don't forget to sign physical presence calculator document
    2- Write NA for all the empty boxes
    3- Checklist document
    4- date in the application should be the same as the of physical presence document
    5- write your name on the back of your citizenship size photographs,

    All guys are welcome to add their tips and notes.
    Good Luck for All!
  12. Awesome tips Ray! good luck to all of us! :D
  13. Thanks Ray, but should I put NA for questions that I answered No?
    Te instructions says, if yes, then fill details below....

  14. I did not, my applications got accepted. But I guess situation will be varied with different agents. To play safe, you should put N/A to any unfilled fields.
  15. Please update your info on the following sheet to track your progress for both september and October applicants.
    All the best of luck

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