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October 2016 - Citizenship Applicants

Discussion in 'Citizenship' started by imran01, Sep 30, 2016.

  1. FrAndre Best of luck for your Test Invite... plz keep updating us here as well..
  2. Checking e cas this morning I found the exact same message as canadavan !

    Letter of Oath for May 30th sent on April 20th.

    Congrats canadavan and wishing everybody here all the best.
  3. Best of Luck Arctic 16..
    i updated the sheet.. :)
  4. Thank you very much imran.

    Same to you my dear friend :)
  5. Hi everybody!

    I have a question, how long does the exam and the interview take? I have an appointment at the same day of my exam! Do you guys have any idea how long does it take?

    I didn't put my name in the time sheet but i can do that now!
    Thank you!
  6. I did mine in Scarborough about an hour. But I would say 2 hours.

    Exam setup - 10-15 mins
    Exam - 30 minutes (but you can finish in 5-10 mins)
    Waiting Room after exam - 10-15mins
    Interview & Verification - 5-10 mins depending on your case.

    It may be from location to location, but thats what i underwent 2 weeks ago in Scarborough location. :) hope this helps.
  7. Hello Guys!

    Posting here after few months in order to update my process.

    November 14- Asked for fingerprints
    November 24- Fingerprints sent
    January 18, 2017- Fingerprints received and file updated.
    March 30- Test Invite
    April 21- Test/Interview
    April 21- Oath Letter
    April 21- Oath taken (Now a Canadian Citizen)
  8. Congrats Ali.. Best of Luck
  9. Does anyone know why the Oath letter takes forever in Vancouver?

    3-5 months is unacceptable when other locations takes a couple of days or weeks.
  10. All jokes aside how exactly is any part of this process deemed unacceptable? What sort of entitlement is that?
  11. really? I thought this is a Forum to help anyone with any questions related to this topic, not a FB feed to criticize post. Thanks for your help anyway.
  12. what the hell does FB have to do with this?

    You (and all of us) are in a new country going through the naturalization process. You're not entitled to it. get real.
  13. great support from you dkera in this forum. If you don't have any positive input, please do not reply to my comments or any others. Leaving this forum, not useful after all.

    Good luck to everyone with their applications! Best to all :)
  14. Hello imran01
    I am having a tricky question ,, here is my situation
    1- I had a citizenship test back on 03/13/17 and for my bad luck ,, I missed it ,, I arrived late and I missed it ,, and before that I was asked to do a FingerPrint on 02/16 which was done and sent on 02/23/2017 ,,, so my current situation is ,, I am still waiting to be rescheduled for final test ,,,
    today I called 1888-242-2100 ,, and I asked the agent
    1- is my file consider non-routine ,, he said no ,, the file is still consider routine
    2- also he said that my file is on retest

    so my question would be ,, after missing the 1st test and asked to have a FP ,, do you think that my file would still consider routine ?????
    thank you
  15. @sgnv. u can think 3-5 month oath timeline is unacceptable. its your opinion

    and for cic standard processing time is 12 months. so u have to think - how can u say unacceptable

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