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October 11th 2017 - Citizenship Applicants under 3/5 rule

Discussion in 'Citizenship' started by HamiltonApplicant, Oct 4, 2017.

  1. Ok thanks i also had my interview yesterday but my status is still in process.
  2. Congratulations. How was it and how was the 'interview' did officer gave you any timeline?

    My test is scheduled for 28th Feb.
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  3. What was your visa office?
  4. Did you have any during the interview?
  5. Did you have any issue during the interview?
  6. Interview was fine. She said will review your file.
  7. I've never seen that question either. What;s the answer ? Her Majesty's Loyal Opposition ? Had to google it lol
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  8. thats right, i didnt know it either. I did choose this choice just because i didnt know what is that lol
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  9. She told me the same thing... there's nothing to worried about....
  10. Hello everyone,

    Has anyone received a FP request while s/he was outside Canada? My spouse will get them done in ink outside Canada, then got them digitized through a fingerprint agency in Canada. This is what the agency recommended; however, two different agents in the CIC call centre said that we have to get them done inside Canada! The FP agency. Is supposed to digitized them, send them to the RCMP, and send the results to CIC.
    I'd appreciate your help
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    OK I'm officially entering the panic mode! I'll be gone on a business trip in the last week of March. I either get my test invite this week, or if I get it next week, I have to reschedule it. Called CIC and they said my application is being processed at Surrey office, apparently there are two offices dealing with Citizenship applications in BC, one in Vancouver, one in Surrey. Looking at the spreadsheet, honestly we are not so many compared to peeps from Calgary! So... wondering what the heck is taking them so long, considering that they have two buildings dedicated to deal with this!? There are people already on Decision Made, and we are just sitting here waiting for a Test invite!

    Sorry, I know every applicant differs, but panic mode is on! Can't help it.

    My timeline in case you're wondering:
    Sent: 18th Oct, Recieved: 20th Oct, AOR: 23th Nov, IP: 4th Dec, Waiting on Test Invite

    Fingers crossed!
  12. Read the book a couple of time and did a bunch of the online quizzes.
  13. My Husband received his oath invite for March 2nd
  14. please, update:
    App. Rec'd: Oct. 30
    AOR: Jan 9
    IP: Feb. Fev 9
    Username: melina44
  15. Updated. Congrats!!

    I guess the oath invite received/ dated Feb 13

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