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Discussion in 'Family Class Sponsorship' started by umarr.cole, Nov 12, 2018.

  1. We were told (by CIC) that CIC would issue a request for the PCC to us after the AOR, if we didn’t included it in the application package. Apparently, the embassies/consulates of some countries require this separate request before issuing the PCC.
  2. Are you ment to include checklist A or just checklist B in your application

  3. Good Point!

    Applications can sometime vary from country to country.
    My spouse is from Mexico, so we didn't have to much of hard time acquiring most of the documents.
    I would suggest to pay a lawyer or consultant to discuss any required information/documents.
  4. It’s been a month today for us, and still no AOR. Has anyone with an app received date after Nov 10th received theirs yet?

    Our app received date is Nov 13th.
  5. Hey guys! My application was returned today due to missing employment/source of support... My common law spouse (sponsor) is a self-employment worker and we attached a letter stating that as well as his salary and his notice of assessment. However, I guess that was not enough for them. Has anyone had the same problem? Any tips on how to deal with that? Anyone has applied with a common law spouse sponsor that is self-employed?
  6. When did CIC receive your application package?
  7. I got a package notification yesterday and because I wasn't expecting anything in the mail, I convinced myself it was my package being sent back. I've been kicking myself about it all day, and it turned out to be a Sephora package my dearest ordered under my account.


    Back to refreshing my inbox.
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  8. Hey everyone! Our application was returned today as well due to a missing signature on the form Schedule A (IMM 5669)... On the last page of this form above the signature area, it reads "I agree that by typing my name, I am electronically signing my application" and so we did, I typed my full name there.

    We will call CIC tomorrow morning to understand why the application has been returned when we have followed the form instructions... It doesn´t seem fair that we are now back on step 1 when we did excatly what the form requested.

    Has this happened to anyone else before?

    App Sent: November 06, 2018
    App Received: November 07, 2018
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  9. Sorry to hear that mate.
  10. Yeah you're supposed to sign it by hand next to the electronic signature as well. It's often missed.

  11. Hi, I had mine returned as well. I was a Sept applicant but turned out to be Oct applicant due to the missing signature. If you look at the checklist online, it will say that you will have to type your name as well as hand sign the form. Sadly, I missed that part and had to start from Day 1.
  12. It actually requires a signature. If u go back to the checklist under 9. Schedule A it says

    A) type their name in the signature box at the bottom. Which u did.
    B) Validate the form
    C) print out the the validated form
    D) sign in writing (I.e. provide a handwritten signature) next to the typewritten name in the signature box.
  13. We just read through the checklist and we missed that line where it says we need to sign in writing.

    Can we just sign below the typed name and resubmit? Or do we have to print all the forms again, update the date on them all to today´s day and then resend?
  14. Sign below and resubmit. I will also suggest u go check if there are new forms available to avoid any time wasting in the future.
  15. Did you submit the full NOA that includes line 150 I think it’s 4 pages and not just the summary NOA?

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