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Discussion in 'Family Class Sponsorship' started by umarr.cole, Nov 12, 2018.

  1. Hello guys,

    As I didn’t see a thread yet for those who have started their November 2018 spousal sponsorship application process, I thought it would be nice to start one, follow the thread and support each other in this process.

    My timeline (Applicant):
    Application includes - OWP sent November 8

    That’s all for now..

    Wishing all fellow applicants a faster response and a successful process!
  2. Hi!

    I just dropped my 3lb package off with UPS, due to arrive tomorrow.

    Application & OWP sent November 13th
  3. Mine has not yet arrive due to Canada post strike around Greater Toronto area, hopefully it will be delivered by tomorrow.
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  4. UPS just delivered my package, faster than I expected (or paid for). Hopefully yours will arrive soon!
  5. Mine will be delivered today, I just tracked it. Good luck to us :)
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  6. Hi,

    Posted my PR and OWP 31st october, arrived via UPS November 1st. Fingers crossed we will get AOR soon. Some October applicants had theirs within 15 days.
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  7. You should be receiving your AOR anytime from now.
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  8. usually takes 20 days to get AOR
  9. Inland Applicant With OWP

    Nov 2 - Submitted to CIC
    Nov 2 - Received by CIC

    Waiting for AOR :)
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  10. hi

    App Sent: November 07, 2018
    App Received: November 08, 2018
    OWP Received:waiting
    Med Request:waiting
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  11. Application (PR and OWP) sent: - November 8
    Application received:- November 15
    AOR: waiting
    OWP received: waiting
  12. Hi every I submitted mine applications October 25th received 30th and AOR sent nov 9th waiting for my OWP but still can’t link my application online
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  13. What! that’s so fast. Hopefully they will get to us soon.
  14. Although the thread is inland I've applied outland from UK, hopefully pack will arrive today as I sent it last week and was delayed :(
  15. Hello everyone!

    Application received: November 06, 2018
    AOR: waiting

    Good luck to us all :)

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