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November 2018 AOR - Join here

Discussion in 'Express Entry / Expression of Interest' started by senthilkumarank, Nov 1, 2018.

  1. IKR. When will it rain PPRs for us November AOR? o_Oo_Oo_O I hope sooooooooooon!
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  2. Now after reading all these comments about extensions and remed request.. I would like to know few things..i got my PPR email on 9th aug 2019 and submitted my passport on 12th aug 2019..i should be getting my passport back within 5-6working days as informed by vfs team.. And if they delay as mentioned by few people here and I get my passort in sept then will they auto extend my medical.. My medical is going to expire on 29th Sept or they can send remed request even after PPR email is generated?
  3. I've a feeling this is going to be a good week for PPRs. All the best everyone!
  4. Thanks. And reading through the forums, found you had got PG diploma (1 semester) from WES too. My brother got the same. Can he claim 2 or more? Please advice. Thanks again.
  5. Your guess is good as mine :)
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  6. WES later corrected it as Postgraduate Diploma after I got my university involved. It was a lot of hassle to make them do that. I have regretted going for them.

    Around the same period, I sent it to IQAS and got the perfect evaluation from them - Graduate Certificate with a focus in Design. This is what even WES should have evaluated instead they gave it as one semester because of the duration of the program whereas IQAS evaluated it based on credits.

    It doesn't matter how many months it took you to complete your diploma, what matters is the number of credits you earned to complete your program.

    IQAS any day is better than WES. Only problem is it takes them 5-6 months to complete the process.
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  7. Congratulations! Make best choice depending on your circumstances. Do go through the document checklist required for PRTD to ensure you can submit all docs requested.
  8. Not sure but believe best would be to check directly with CIC over a call.
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  9. I did my medicals on October 15, 2018; same here, no movement on the case at all.
  10. I believe we both have the same AOR too?

    What's your eligibility status? Passed, RR or met?
  11. Same here. Med expiring on 22 oct. No update since april
  12. Hello everyone,
    My Aor is nov 19 2018.
    We had our medicals passed on Dec 22 2018.
    However, since last week my profile keeps showing that my medicals were passed on May27 2019. I have no idea why the dates have changed.
    We didn’t receive any email nor did we have an update on the profile.
    Can anyone throw some light on this scenario?
  13. I dont feel u will b getting remed request now. Go as per the date given on ur visa.
    Most probably it would b the same as ur medical expiration date. But there can b a change in it also.
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  14. This wait is really killing me now ... Aor 21 nov .... no adr ... rr for eligibility .... 9 months gone and nothing at all .... I have no idea how long it would be more
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  15. I have already made up my mind I will celebrate 1 year anniversary. Just try to keep your mind off this and find something to do. Hopefully, it will help a bit :)
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