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November 2018 AOR - Join here

Discussion in 'Express Entry / Expression of Interest' started by senthilkumarank, Nov 1, 2018.

  1. Congratulations...... Good luck for your future :)
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  2. Hey Guys ,

    Got our RFVM this morning .. Thank you all for your help and guidance .. Best wishes to those who are yet to receive the mail !
  3. Hi guys!

    Need your input.
    I called cic last night. The agent told me..File looks good, everything in place. Eligibility is in process..I said is there RR, he said yes, so I said..RR is bad right, file can be rejected..? He said it is a normal process don't worry. Nothing shows any concern on ur file. Wait up. Call ended.
    Post the call i realised I did not ask about security and was so frustrated about this RR confusion, called back again!
    This time got connected to an agent named Michael. He directly asked me if I need to specifically know anything about my file (probably because he saw notes that I called half n hour back). He only asked my full name, DOB and country of birth..Where as all the other agents asks so many questions from house address, email address, phone number and all.
    So I told him I need to specifically know about Eligibility and Security. He said please be on line for 3 minutes and I will be back. He came back within the time and said Eligibility is in review. He productively said u recently sent some documents via Web form and they are related to ur eligibility. I sent updated POF documents as we had FD and it matured in May. So we auto renewed it and got updated bank letter and submitted it. The agent said this is directly related to eligibility and it was received on 7th June. The officer has 30 days to review it, and it is still in process. That's what he can see as the latest update on Eligibility and hence it shows Eligibility in Review. He also said next week there would be 3 holidays there and so I should wait until July 2nd week. If I don't hear anything I should call back!

    Also, last Fri when i called Security hadn't started..But he said Security is in progress and for anything like Eligibility, Security,Criminality, officers only update notes if there is some important update..Else nothing is written until passed. So next update on security would be when it passes.

    The last agent also told me Eligibility and security going on...but I did not ask about security specifically..So with Michael confirming i feel actually it's a positive news that security started for me...I think if there was an RR, they wouldn't have started Security is soon..
    He also told me, don't worry ur file is given importance as 6 months have passed long back and it's their priority too now to clear it. They won't keep it aside.
    What do u think guys? Was he genuine..? He was so good in explaining about what happens in security, eligibility and ensured and listened to me and gave me all the answers and explanations i needed.
    Do u think whatever he said, makes sense and there is specifically no RR for me..?
    I always heard there are a few good agents who actually check notes and gives inside information..This is the 1st time I connected with such an agent...Earlier i felt it was a myth..But now I know they exist!
  4. We have the same AOR! Congratulations to you!:D
    Hope I get mine soon too.. but my background check has not even started yet..:confused:
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  5. Well, if u get an agent on call, who explains u things so well, it gives u some more patience to wait for the processing to be done by ircc . Wheather whatever he said was true or not, but hearing all this gives u mental peace........
    good luck....... :)
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  6. True that.
    I slept peacefully last night after a week since I got to know review in Eligibility!
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  7. Hi Guys , Nov 27 AOR. Got GCMS and says review required for Foreign work experience. They are able to confirm 1.2 years of foreign experience out of necessary 2 years. I have never claimed points for 2 years. Just 1.2 years where duties are matching with noc and employers verified. Should I raise a webform and tell them that I claimed work ex for only 1 year which is minimum and not 2 years. Need your help members please
  8. So far my knowledge is only after eligibility passed, security then starts. So it is new to me! And normally simple security check only takes few weeks if the officer satisfied with your background, otherwise you will be pull into security screen black hole which costs 4-12 months!
  9. Hi guys, just a question.

    In regards to an application for PPR through FSW, does the CIC look into a co-applicant's work history as in depth as the main applicant?

    My wife is the main applicant who has worked mainly at one large company for her NOC work experience.
    For me (as co-applicant), my work experience for NOC was with a small company which doesn't have a website but the owner and director provided me with a formal reference letter with his email and contact details.

    My question is would CIC worry about me as the co-applicant in terms of work experience as in depth as my wife who is the main applicant (since Co-applicant work experience does not impact on CRS scores either)?

    Thank you
  10. thanks, don't worry, it'll come eventually for you too..people are getting ppr from ip1...best of luck to you and all members.
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    RFV today at 3 AM today.
    FSW-O India + 1 travel history+
    CRS 452
    Funds: 20k CAD
    PA+Spouse+3 Dogs
    (Masters MBA Degrees for spouse and myself)

    ITA 17th Sept 2018
    AOR 10 Nov 2018
    MEP 12 Dec 2018
    no ADR
    Ghost update---only 1 on 26th June 2019
    RFV 27 Jun 2019

    Don't trust the call center agents info as they have limited info at their end. I called last week where the agent told me eligibility is met and nothing else is started. Trust yourself, be calm and it will come for SURE.
  12. Seems like they release a small batch of ppr
    Good to know that they are clearing November backlog!
  13. Congratulations....... Happy for u......
    :) good luck.......
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  14. Just noticed...... Many applicants with aor as even no. Got ppr...... 10th, 12th , 22nd, 28th .......
    My aor Is also an even no. , hope to get some update...... :(
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  15. it seems like, we are forced to look into patterns, to figure the game.
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