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November 2018 AOR - Join here

Discussion in 'Express Entry / Expression of Interest' started by senthilkumarank, Nov 1, 2018.

  1. Congratulations
    I think they are clearing the backlog!
    Hope we all get our golden mails soon!
  2. Will latest draw effect our backlog files?
    Or its just another draw!
  3. My default browser is Brave, second try is chrome, both desktop and mobile, tried edge as well just in case because I know I never used it before. Cleared cache as well and it's been going on for at least 6 hours. Yes, I'm a software QA engineer. :p It's not working.
  4. I think POF is not applicable for Inland applicants.
  5. Wow, after stating 220 days you are asking if there is anything wrong! Brah, there are more of us experiencing this something wrong that is now normalcy
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  6. Damn... talk about accepting the truth as a bitter pill to swallow
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  7. Hi guys ,
    Finally, I got the landing interview email.
    I would like to know should I have to inform Cic regarding address change?
    I live in same city but I moved to different location.
    Should I inform cic or not?
    Thank you.
  8. Wait and watch, if you get an ADR, then only respond else wait for the officer to make it clear, or he might just call the employer to confirm.
  9. Did you raise a complaint
  10. Congrats
  11. I'm still under 250 days lol :p:p whatever to keep the motivation going I guess.

    Let's see what happens by next week :) Considering my luck I won't be surprised if I'm still in queue for final review after 300 days lol :D:D:D
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  12. Looking at the way people are slowly getting to the finishing line. I believe you’ll get it by next week
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  13. Hi Guys,
    Got RFV mail today at 03 am Ist, thanks to all forum members for the guidance, hope and support, my timeline is as under :
    Noc: 2171, Fsw outland
    Aor: 22 Nov
    Mep: 30 Dec
    Adr: 24th May 2019
    Ip2: 24th May 2019
    Rfv: 27th June 2019
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  14. Hello Friends
    Got RFV today. Some specs of our application are:
    FSW-O India + a lot of residence in Africa + startup kind of own works. Our largest effort was in translating African PCCs into English.
    CRS 454
    Funds: more than enough, but mostly MFs
    PA+Spouse+Kid (Masters MBA Degrees for spouse and myself)
    No consultants / agency

    AOR 28 Nov 2018
    MEP 08 Jan 2019
    ADR 1 12 Jun 2019 (we replied, but messed up the details; raised a CSE to inform IRCC about the mess we made)
    ADR 2 20 Jun 2019
    RFV 27 Jun 2019

    My unsolicited advice
    1. To reduce total time of the process: one must get the IELTS + PCC + ECA done in parallel. I know of no other way that's better. There is nothing to be optimized after AOR.
    2. Never stop your life for this. We stopped for this, so did others, and regretted. Wouldn't make this mistake again.
    3. The 180 day counter on your login is a bluff; and it would be better if it wasn't there.
    4. Avoid consultants. There's nothing you can't do yourself, there's no one who knows your case better than yourself, there's no one who can express your case better than yourself.
    5. If at all you have to pray, pray to Chuck Norris.

    We'd be likely making a 15 day stop this year before the medical runs out; to decide specifics of permanence there. And likely thereafter in 2020 before school starts for our young one.

    My best wishes to you

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