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Northern Rural Immigration Pilot Program

Discussion in 'Provincial Nomination Program Immigration' started by Debukola, Sep 4, 2019.

  1. Hello Team,

    I have received a offer letter through RNIP and secured a job as well. I am filling up the forms and have certain questions.
    Would like to discuss the same with some one who has secured a job and applying through RNIP.

    Request you to please message me and we can discuss further.

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  2. Congrats. Can you please tell us which community you got the letter from and what is your NOC.
  3. Congratulations, are you an inland or outland applicant? Did you get the job opportunity through job fair?
  4. Hey guys
    I am on PGWP and i want to know that how i can start the process in RNIP. Can anyone help me with the first step that wht we have to do.
    Thanks in advance
  5. Hi 2 all,

    Needs help with passport expire dates.

    I have current/old/valid passport with expired date on April 5, 2020 whose number indicated in my IELTS certificate and in Offer of Employment to a Foreign National - Rural and Northern Immigration Pilot (IMM 5984) form.
    Also now I am waiting for a new passport which will be ready at the end of December 2019 (it's allowed to carry 2 valid passports at the same time in my country).
    And then after community will approve my application (I guess it will be Jan-Feb 2020) I have to fill IRCC forms at that time and send out papers to Sydney, NS.
    So the question is that number of which passport I have to use in filling of Generic Application Form for Canada (IMM 0008) & Schedule 1 - Rural and Northern Immigration Pilot (IMM 5911)?
    1. If I will use current/old/valid passport number then most likely it will be expired at the time of processing. Can they stop review my PR application and refuse it for this reason?
    2. If I will put new passport number in that forms - what consequences will be because of the difference in that my IELTS, Offer IMM 5984 and Community recommendation IMM 0112 go with the old passport number?

    Any advises are welcome!
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    It's not an issue.
    You can apply with your present passport and update when you get a new one.
    As per IRCC standards you just have to inform them of any update .
    So when you get your new passport you send ircc a message or you can update your profile.

    Please can you assist me with the IMM 5984 form.been unable to download it
  7. So Brandon has published their requirements/points. And apart from points awarded for language requirements, the remaining points are awarded for connection to the community in one way or another. Yet, there is no minimum pass mark requirement.

    Some useful info:
    Typically, Brandon will limit monthly community recommendations to approximately 10% of the annual recommendations allocated by Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship Canada.

    As far as I know their limit is 250 applicants for 3 years, so 80-85 per year, which means only 8 recommendations per month.

    And another interesting note to consider:
    Please note that if a Foreign National regularly applies for jobs posted on the Brandon RNIP website for which they do not possess the mandatory skills, experience or education, all future job applications submitted through the Brandon RNIP website will be considered ineligible and will not be sent onto employers for consideration.

    So pick wisely which jobs will you apply for.

    More information available here:
  8. Hi please where is the points calculator for Brandon as I can't see it on the website.
    Also can't see where they mentioned connection to Brandon.

    Please advise.
  9. Hi, Shekhar,
    Congratulations! Plz share us your detailed job application.
    Thank you!
  10. Hi please where is the points calculator for Brandon as I can't see it on the website.
    Also can't see where they mentioned connection to Brandon.

    Please advise.
  11. Canada doesn’t want people to receive citizenship and then leave. Sure it is legal but doesn’t benefit Canada in anyway.
  12. Canada has freedom of mobility for PRs. Tons of people applying for PNP in the maritimes and prairies because it is easier with no intention of actually staying or working there. They land and then move right away to Ontario, BC,Alberta and even Quebec. Yes it is perfectly legal. If people following up PNP SK find out someone landed in SK and they say they moved there is nothing the province can legally do about it.
  13. I am also applying under RNIP but for one of employer the email address is showing not found for Saunt ste marie.The company name is Norpro

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