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Discussion in 'Skilled Worker / Professional Immigration' started by igbehinadara, Dec 10, 2009.

  1. @admin - Pls add these numbers to the WhatsApp Group. 08146358706, 08146358703.
    Thank you.
  2. @admin, pls I am interested to be added to the whatsapp group. My number is 08181020634. Thnaks
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  6. Hi guys. New here. Created our EE profile on the 31st October, with a score of 434. Hopefully the next draw will be favorable. Glad I found follow Nigerians here.
  7. @ admin, am new here, kindly add my number on the whatsapp group . 08033784442. Thanks
  8. Hello Guys,Kindly let me know if there is anyone who has ICAN and got exemptions from CPA for certain courses.I will appreciate any WhatsApp group also
  9. Good day, Forum.

    Soj, I greet you.
    I will like to communicate with you to guide me when I am ready.
    Thanks, everyone.
  10. @admin I'm new here kindly add my number 08166614125
  11. Please is there a thread for Spouse Open Work Permit.
  12. Hello all, @ admin kindly add my number 08135922651 to whatsapp
  13. Hello guys,
    Please can someone help me out?
    I need help with deciding on an NOC to use for my EE application. I am not currently on a managerial role, but the duties listed below are all the duties I perform in my bank as an Retail Credit analyst. This is exactly what was given to me by my HR on my ref letter. Can I choose NOC 0122 or is 6235 more appropriate? I intend to submit tomorrow as I already have ITA. Thank you.

    • Analyze and approve retail credit requests and collateral received from customers through the market facing units in line with the Bank’s approved (RAAC)
    • Decline high risk retail credit transactions in the absence of adequate mitigants
    • Determine repayment plans in accordance with regulatory DSR
    • Ensure processing and collection of fees for disbursed facilities from customers’ accounts
    • Ensure that adequate and error-free credit documentation are provided
    • Conduct credit search on customers and render reports
    • Report on overdue or non-performing credit facilities
    • Manage the conveyance of all retail credit decisions to the business units to ensure proper information dissemination and swift response
    • Manage and assist market facing business units in retail credit structuring for transactions
    • Participate in retail credit process transformation projects and policy formulation sessions to ensure alignment with the Bank’s objectives and goals
    • Attend client engagement and business development meetings with the relationship management team to discuss retail credit transactions and provide expert insight to customers
    • Supervise and validate credit risk analysis conducted by junior analysts
    • Conduct training for junior credit analysts on the Bank’s credit policies and procedures for credit risk review
    • Ensure compliance of processed requests to the Bank’s credit policy and extant government policies
    • Provide periodic reports on the Bank’s risk assets portfolio
  14. Hello, pls where can one do education assessment ECA and IELTS in Nigeria

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