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NEW Thread for ACCRA Visa Office - Spousal Sponsorship Stream

Discussion in 'Visa Offices in Africa' started by maki22, Jul 29, 2018.

  1. Let’s hope for the best, u get the medical request anytime soon and maybe next month which is August but I wouldn’t worry and just try to be calm it’ll come eventually.
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  2. Okay, many thanks but Accra VO does not send acknowledgment of receipt that they received our transferred file?
  3. Most times they do.
  4. Any march applicant that has received medical request?
  5. Mine was transferred July 15th, no medical yet and based on others we probably won’t receive until September or so

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  6. What is ur timeline pls.
  7. Received: April 29th
    AOR1: June 13th
    SA: June 19th
    Biometrics Req: June 21st
    Biometrics Comp: July 2nd
    File Transfer to Accra: July 2nd
    Began Processing Applicant (AOR2): July 15th

    Haven't heard anything since, but if you look at the google spreadsheet trackers, have you seen them? Most applicants, whose file has been transferred to Accra get Medical Request 150 to 155 days since file received, so since April 29th for me, not sure what that is for you. Which means I'm not expecting to hear anything until September 30th to October 7th at the earliest, could take longer.

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  8. I understand. But medical request takes approximately 5 months from AOR1 in most cases.
  9. Check out this pls
  10. Hi dear. Am sponsoring my son too. And am waiting for his visa from Accra since May. Can u share your email or sap with me plz, let's talk
  11. Hi all, has anyone ever heard of someone receiving their COPR within 1-2 months? My husband passed his medical on August 1st. So we are just curious. I see on the CIC website that it takes approximately 3 months. But I have heard from a few people that its normally 1-2 months. Currently on the timeline its showing 4 months remaining. No additional documents required, background check still being processed and no interview required.
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  12. Hi. My cousin got medical request, pre arrival and PPR in one day and she's already in Canada as her application was received in march 2019, her whole process took just 3 months. I believe anything is possible, just take it to God in prayers. All the best.
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  13. Wow!!!!!!!! That is amazing! yes for sure anything is possible! I will definitely keep the faith! Thank you!!! :)
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