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New PR confirmation portal



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Aug 4, 2021
Hello can anyone here with dependents please check their ECOPR value for Last entry in field. For primary application it shows the city name. But for dependents it's Unknown. Can someone please verify this on their dependents ECOPR and answer me. Should I ask for a correction? Any reply is much appreciated. Thanks. :)


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Mar 12, 2019
I have the same problem with the original entry date, as well as last entry date. Did you report by sending an email ?
I sent an email, but it seems we need to mail a request to amend to their office in Ottawa. Just google how to correct mistakes on copr. You will find the answer! We need to do this as it is required for citizenship


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Apr 13, 2020
Hey! I received my COPR on August 12th. Since then I have heard nothing about my PR card neither an address approval nor a photo approval, many people I know have already received their cards who got their PRs around the same time as me. If I go on the website to change my address or get the status of my application or even try to link it it just says no application found and my PR portal has said "In review" now for nearly two months.

I have tried to call IRCC, fill out the web form as well as reply to the PR portal email for more help with no luck. Is anyone else in the same situation or does anyone else have any advice to provide?

I have some urgent family matters to attend in India and am losing hope.

Call CIC and confirm if your card is sent for printing