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  1. This is from Dben's Apr 9, 2010 at 2:10 PM
    The visa officer makes a decision based on the information supplied by the HRSDC Labour Market Opinion (LMO), the caregiver, and the employer. This decision compares the declared income of the employer with the Low Income Cut Off (LICO*) supplied by Statistics Canada plus the expected annual salary of the Caregiver. Please see example computation below: (*For more information regarding LICO, please
    refer to the table on the following page, or you may visit: www.cic.gc.ca/english/information/applications/guides/5196E10.asp)


    Total declared combined income of employer (based on presented NOA or T4's): $70,970

    MINUS Current LICO for 5 (i.e. number of persons in the employer's household): 43,791

    MINUS Projected annual salary of caregiver based on LMO 20,592


    EQUALS Surplus (or shortfall) $6,587

    If your income falls short of the income expected of an employer hiring a full-time live-in

    caregiver, the application may be refused.
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  2. Yes.....

    Where are you from?
  3. Citizen and PR only
  4. Hello,

    Just a question regarding the IMM5983. I have downloaded it in June and under the employer information, it was specified to include the Annual Household Income. Now, if you go the their website and download the same form, they changed it to just Annual Income (optional).

    Would it be an issue if I use the form I have rather than the updated one?

    And with that updated one that just says Annual Income, should I still put down the household income rather than just the one person income whose name is in the employer information.

    Thank you.
  5. I have the same question..anybody here who can answer? Thank you

  6. Hi.. did you certify all your documents that you submitted?
  7. Just the employment cert as caregiver. But wasn't necessary

  8. I was told that before, during days requiring LMIA, your income should be your LICO (depending on the no. of people living in your house) + the salary of the caregiver you are planning to hire.. and then maybe add allowances to that.
  9. What is Secondary School Diploma Equivalency and is it eligible in this program?
  10. hello,

    can someone give me their timeline when they work on their papers for this new pilot program (home childcare provider)?


  11. They received our documents exactly 4 weeks ago. Haven't heard yet..
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  12. Thanks! If you don’t, please kep me posted? So that I have an ide how long is the processing time.
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  13. Sure will. :)
  14. Hi!

    Does anyone know if Flight Attendants would qualify to be child caregivers, since we have first aid training? I also have childcare experience (I have taken care of my cousin's child, and that cousin would like to be my employer), but no official paid childcare experience, only experience I have is as cabin crew. Do you think they would reject me?

    Thank you very much in advance
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    Only IRCC can decide on that. In my opinion it is unlikely that you will qualify given your current background. Have you thought about enrolling yourself in a caregiver course? I heard that this alone can be sufficient sometimes. Another thing to consider is that your employer is also your cousin. IRCC might look deeper into that and question whether the need to hire you is genuine.

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