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Discussion in 'Caregiver Pathways' started by HopeTrust, Jul 12, 2019.

  1. 12 July 2019

    My sister in Canada has a 3 year old daughter. Under the new program, can she be my employer?
    Number 2 question: Will I be required to show proof of funds?

    Thank you very much.
  2. She can be.

    Proof of funds is not required upon application. Only upon approval of PR application

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  3. Thank you very much
  4. My brother in canada has a 6 years child who is Autistic, will I be qualified if he employs me as a home support worker since I have a one year working experience and qualifications under this new caregiver -PR program announced June 18, 2019?
  5. 17 July 2019

    Quami replied that my sister can be my employer in Canada. However, I get contradicting
    information saying that relatives are not allowed to be an employer under the
    NEW PILOT PROGRAM HOME CHILD CARE PROVIDER or HOME SUPPORT WORKER PILOT. Not that I doubt Quami but I need for information. Please help.
  6. 17 July 2019

    I believe I already got an answer to my question. I saw this in the cic link and one of the requirements stated is this:

    The job you’re offered must be
    - from an employer who’s not an embassy, high commission or consulate

    RELATIVES is not in the list.
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  7. wanted to confirm if there is some specific requirement of annual earning for the employer offering employment in this category, is he supposed to be only canadian citizen or PR holder or on work permit.
  8. i also want to know something about employers requiremnet

    how much income per year employer should have??
    tax papers of 2018 only to be included or 2017 also??
    what salary employer to offer to the caregiver???
    after giving job offer,child benefits for employer child will get stopped or not???if yes ,for permanently will stop??
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  9. Nothing is specified for the new pathway. It's currently not included
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  10. Please how do we find jobs for the child care pilot? And what certifications do we need
  11. Has anyone submitted under new pilot

  12. Hey So my cousin can come as a nanny to watch my children??
  13. If she's qualified...

  14. Yes, Income requirement of the employer is not clear in the new program. Does it mean any income bracket can sponsor?
  15. Cannot say for certain. There is a chance they might ask for your proof of income to verify that you can afford to pay for a caregiver

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