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new list for 2012

Discussion in 'Skilled Worker / Professional Immigration' started by lost010, May 31, 2011.

  1. please let me know when will it be published?
  2. Month of July, 2011 is of critical importance. CIC expected to announce changes in the pass-mark that will better serve their demographics and job market needs. Canada will also come out with the new occupation list. Some indications of proposed changes:

    * 1) Applicants aged below 35 years may be preferred in Canada while others may still qualify against adaptability factors;

    * 2) Canada may also introduce minimum IELTS language requirements;

    * 3) Education and English language norms may be made more flexible for trades person in Canada;
  3. thank you very much for you quick response. Do you know any exact date for the new list publication.
    i highly appreciate you help.
  4. No one knows the exact date.
  5. CIC MAY come out with a new occupation list but they have not yet confirmed any changes will be made.

    Remember the last list was published on June 26 2010, and the previous list was active for 2.5 years - so I am not expecting any big changes in the occupation list, maybe some minor tweaks.

  6. Agreed with Wayne. It will also be a lot of 'work' for them to issue a new list, considering they have so many applications that need processing. Also, coming out with a new list every year will lead to some confusion among applicants. therefore a new list doesnt seem feasible.
  7. We can only be sure once the new set of instructions come out
  8. The countdown is on........... God Bless all the applicants!!!!!!!
  9. everyone is waiting .

    I am sure if common NOC's are included, there would be plenty of concurrent applications lodged meaning more income for CIC. it seems like a Casino nowadays.
  10. Just Wait and Watch. CIC will update soon once it's changed.


  11. LOL!!!!
  12. heard that on july 2011 computer engineering will be back again...

    maybe it is a roamer...
  13. Hi all,
    If cooks are not on the new list. can they still apply pr if they have AEO?
    Please answer, am worried :'(
  14. The AEO is a different track and yes if the NOC is not in the list you can apply for PR in AEO category, I would suggest if you have the HRSDC approval then apply for the PR and then if cooks come in the category then you can put second application for the PR, that gives you the more options.
  15. Thanks mate really appreciate.
    cuz am getting all my documents ready at the moment, didn't knew that AEO is different scenario. Thanks for this precious piece of info. :)

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