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New Delhi (NDVO) 2018 - Spousal Sponsorship Outside Canada

Discussion in 'Family Class Sponsorship' started by spicysank, Jan 12, 2018.

  1. we have exact same timelines almost for everything.. same dates.
  2. Hey
    My husband got landing interview mail but he is in canada and i am in india so i cannot attend the interview as i am his dependant
    What will the next step for my PR
    Please help
  3. Any updates who completed 1 2 months?am worried now like after 12 months how long it takes ?
  4. A
    Any adr requested from you???
  5. Actually we requested for address change long back but no updation even... And am gonna complete my 12 months in 13 days..so i am worried that how long it taken still?
  6. i got gcms notes and it says all process is done ...but donno wat's stopping them to process.
  7. Completed 1year today
  8. Are you gonna proceed with MP enquiry now?
  9. Yes on monday. But last time i enquired through mp in may was not that much helpful because they gave me same status which is on ecas and gc key. But after enquiry i got additional photo request on may 17th. It means atleast they picked up the file after long silence from nov 2018 till may 2019
  10. Yes even i heard MP enquiry helps only after 12 months timeline..you will get sooner...dnt wry
  11. One doubt for me ...we shud take enquiry from canada MP or from India?
  12. Mp canada will enquire from new delhi by himself, bcz we tried by ourself ndvo is not responding to us.
  13. Nothing so far. I haven’t contacted MP as well since I tried doing the same in Feb but the guy wasn’t helpful at all

    @Jotsran how are u going about contacting MP ?
  14. You can go to your local mp's office. They need your pr card's photo copy, your spouse's passport copy, file no, applicant's dob. Tell them you want to know about the status of your file.
  15. Oh... Okay i think they ll process ur file now once mp enquires.

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