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New Delhi (NDVO) 2017 - Spousal Sponsorship Outside Canada

Discussion in 'Family Class Sponsorship' started by steller, Sep 10, 2017.

  1. Hello member
    Has anybody submitted their passport at jalandhar vfs then got transferred to chandigarh for processing? If yes then how much time it will take to get stamped passport back?
  2. Hi,

    My wife also received the same call. Please let me know if you already received your ppr? and if there is any limit on sending photographs
  3. I also received same call yesterday. We sent around 20 pictures to them on the same day. Did you receive any updates ? Pls share your timeline.
  4. no didnt receive any updates
  5. Interesting timeline. Seems like they took exactly* 6 months. Probably they put the files on Put Away for 6 months in London regardless and even if security check passes before that they don't check which is disappointing and unprofessional to say the least.
  6. Hi

    Ours is a similar case. We don't have pics with Pandit too? We got request to submit photos of Traditional ceremonies like phera and all. I hope that your file was approved and the proof of relationship and an explanation worked for you. that would be comforting to know.
    Please respond.
    Mohit Manocha
  7. Not clear why they ask HOLY FIRE PLUS on top of that a COURT Marriage as well !
    Suppose a person has NO religious beliefs will they reject his case ! And indirectly force him to adopt a religion :( 1st G...eeee man. Thousands of fakers successfully have and are cheating them. In most cases they should see reality of relationships i;e ; real chats , records of visits, photos. Not number of guests + Holy Books or rituals ...>>should not be mandatory but a contributing factor to find truth. We are compelled to produce more guests, do all rituals even if both parties are atheists >> even in a 100% genuine case. I hope some changes will be made in the near future
  8. Hi. Can you please advuse how you know that ircc has received the application. .I sent it via registered post India and am unable to track it.
  9. is there any chance of our application getting rejected if we fail to submit pre wedding ,post wedding & traditional wedding photos?

    In my case we had a very simple wedding and a reception. We don't believe in the customary ritual so we didnt have any priest or any rituals performed. We exchanged rings and we had a very simple reception fro about 300 people.

    I cannot provide pre wedding & post wedding pics as we dont have them.But i have submitted the ring exchange & reception photos. Will giving an explanation do good to our application?
    Please suggest.
  10. Anything that proves your relationship will help your application. No document/photo is mandatory. Just believe in the process and their judgement.
    I understand you didn't have the ceremony performed by a priest. But you exchanged rings. So, you must captured that moment with your camera, isnt it? You must have dressed, isn't it? And 300 people isn't small. So, You had a significantly big party. So, if you took some pics, attach them. Then honemoon or vacation pics, etc. You social network announcement/posts, chats, video call logs, etc. etc. Everything will together will help your application. Not just one priest standing topless or a white gown is gonna help your application.
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  11. Thank you so much for the reply.

    yes, we were dressed for the ceremony, we have provided the photos of rings exchanged, family photos clicked together and casual outing pics.
    But yet they are asking for traditional marriage pics.

    All I have now is the flight tickets of my spouse visiting me in Oct and our honeymoon booking details which we've planned in November.
  12. Write an explanation letter why you did not do traditional ceremony and why you don't believe in it. If your spouse visited you before marriage, you can attach those flight tickets and passport stamps and any selfies during your meetups. Also, social network presence would greatly help. Attach the comments from your friends. You can make your post visibility public and provide the link in your application.
  13. You got any facebook posts u made during that period? Any whatsap chats with dates prior to or during that period? Any chats or exchanges with friends and or family prior to or during that period? Provide them all. Our wedding had less than 200 people and we were approved from first shot. Just make sure u dig deep. Ask friends and family if they got anything related to the fact that there wasnt any traditional marriage etc. As proposed above, social media proof is highly essential. Good luck.
  14. Honesty is the BEST policy. SO provide what ever you have with a letter of explanation attached. In the past when a fiance was allowed to come here ; 1 piece of paper with nothing more did the job. Unfortunately rules are gone very strict ,they suspect us all. Cant blame them either but as you know ppl have misused the system
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    Yes. We have instagram posts. Going to submit this.

    1.We have proofs in our work location where we've declared each other as husband and wife in our company portals by providing the marriage certificate.
    My husband has made medical claims in my name in his company.

    Can we submit these? will they accept them as valid proofs?

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