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New Delhi (NDVO) 2017 - Spousal Sponsorship Outside Canada

Discussion in 'Family Class Sponsorship' started by steller, Sep 10, 2017.

  1. CIC took almost 12 months as our file went 1st time in feb and was returned due to missing form...a stupid form which they wanted. But then without wastin time we sorted our ppers back as per check list and rushed it back and still it took 1 minth for us to do all this..thats why we became march applicants...and today is 12 feb...so it is almost 1 yr...but still THANKFUL TO GOD...
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  2. Yes i too got my PPR....
  3. Your timeline?
  4. awesome..does ur ppr say ur information like uci number or application ??or is blank like mine?
  5. Yes it says both..UCI & Application number...but spelling in email subject are wrong...passport request Leetter....lol
  6. U can put it in word document and write the missing numbers which you have it and then print it
  7. Hey im also in same situation.
    My husband lives in Turkey the email says to submit it in India or Nepal. There was a guy who used to live in dubai he also got same email and he emailed NDVO they changes his visa office.
    So im going to email them as well and i have I representative im
    Going to ask her as well. Can you also update me when you contact with your MP? Thanks
  8. Whats happening with NDVO, No movement whatsoever! Has anybody tracked student visas from ndvo, are they indeed working on those instead?
  9. ???? 3 people literally just stated they got a PPR Request on this thread. They are working on files from 2016 and still finishing those up. NDVO goes back and forth between new files and old files.
  10. can1989 (2016) , SMARTZ and who else ?
  11. Hi everyone. We got PPR :) but it has no Name, ID and File number! Has anyone had the same experience? :(
    You can see my timeline under my profile name.
  12. What is your recived date?
  13. today
  14. No means when did you applied?
  15. op is july 2016 applicant. looks like they cleared some afghan files today. well done NDVO now get to May applicants

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