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New Delhi (NDVO) 2017 - Spousal Sponsorship Outside Canada

Discussion in 'Family Class Sponsorship' started by steller, Sep 10, 2017.

  1. In general, it is 2-3 weeks after DM .... but many get PPR within a week after DM
  2. Applied dec 8 got refusal jan 10
  3. Yes, is it okay to have 3 weeks vacation outside Canada ?
  4. Sorry if u don't mind can u share your timeline your application was for family class
  5. Hi guys
    Had an update in ecas
    We have send you correpondence for additional information please wait till you get the correpondence to send addtional information.
    What does this mean can?
    Any info this
  6. timeline please :)
  7. hi guys
    I am march 23 applicant still waiting for my bgc to start.
    is there any other march applicant or feb applicant still waiting for bgc to start.
  8. what is the current status of ur BCG?
  9. Hi mine is september application

  10. Please see my signature, Applied May 16 2017. AOR2 August 28
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    could be for schedule A , police certificates or any other additional docs (photos, relationship photos, birth certificates etc.) that they asked u on that specific time that you might have already submitted or not? What is the date of the additional docs they said that they sent you on your ecas and do you remember getting such message during that time and submitting? Has your application been transferred to NDVO yet?
  12. the status of my bgc says not started yet
  13. not started? it usually says "your application is in progress..." "we are processing your background check..." or Not Applicable.. does it say any of these statuses?
  14. Yes you can. It shouldnt be a problem. If you are canadian citizen then you can stay as much as you want but If you are permanent resident then you have to be in canada while ur sponsorship is in process. But 25 days is fine. Its not alot. I think with pr card you can stay couple months not more than that.
  15. Anybody knows whats the meaning of "PAT 3 GROUP" in GCMS notes???

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