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New Delhi (NDVO) 2017 - Spousal Sponsorship Outside Canada

Discussion in 'Family Class Sponsorship' started by steller, Sep 10, 2017.

  1. Not sure what pattern NDVO follows when sending DM or PPR.
    For this week, only on Monday some received PPR, the other days of the week only updates was about DM.

    Has anyone received PPR mails on any other weekdays ?
  2. This question might been asked many times. But just to confirm..
    I am on PR, sponsorship application under process. I have to visit my home country for 25 days.
    25 days are lot ? Is anyone outside Canada for that long ?
    Please advice.
  3. Did apply for your spouse
  4. My wife was start sponsorship on April 2016 then came to UAE on October 2016 till now she is living with me we are waiting from the past 21 months now she planing go to Canada back we sent two times email to new Delhi office on October 24 till now they didn't repply back to us I'm stuck on background check from the past 7 months
  5. I am March 1 applicant and was randomly checking my application status online after 2 days and noticed it says bgc is in process. Finally some good news.
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  6. How one can know that bgc started or not
    M 20 march applicant
  7. Wat ur gckey says abt BG ?
  8. Good Day Guys!!!

    Just sent out my Wife's Sponsorship File!!! I know it says 2017 but just wanted to share. Anyone knows a 2018 thread yet???

    What should i expect next??

  9. I checked the status on gckey. 2 days ago it was showing your background check has not started yet and now it shows in process.
  10. Your timeline?
  11. Ok thank u
  12. Yeah right!! .... Do u know whats next to July .... we the applicants of August :D :D .... your depression will push us all in even more depression ;)
  13. No you don't
  14. We will send a message when started bgc
  15. Myself!

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