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New Delhi (NDVO) 2017 - Spousal Sponsorship Outside Canada

Discussion in 'Family Class Sponsorship' started by steller, Sep 10, 2017.

  1. Did you know what PAT 3 means? Please let me know!

  2. Which part of your notes is it mentioned?
  3. Notes , General

    Also under Organization & Entities PAT 3 is mentioned
  4. has the principal applicant in your application traveled to other countries/ lived in other countries for long/ had rejected visas before to canada or other places/ lived in many address? anything of that nature?
  5. I am August 2017 applicant and I did medical..now waiting for BGC start... Appling for visiting visa is a good idea? what are the chances of approval and rejection, if it rejected does it affect my pr processing.... I know if I wait for PR it will take more than one year..may be...
  6. the chances for approval is like 50/50.. but it wont affect the processing of PR.
  7. A couple of May and June Applicants applied for a Visitor Visa and got rejected and your a August Applicant so most likely you will be rejected unless you have a very strong application with lots of evidence eg. that the principal applicant will follow the visitor visa rules and laws, itinerary of places to your planning to visit and sight see, Strong ties to your home country etc.
  8. Hi everyone, june 29 applicant .. ecas status in process
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  9. Hard to say. However, I suspect someone who might have some issue in their file at any time during their processing. As, I submitted PCC after three 3 months of being asked !!
  10. Many people who ordered notes mentioned seeing this particular line in their notes. I don't know what PAT3 means but it surely is common enough to not worry about it!
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  11. Any March applicant with DM GET ANY NEWS FOR PPR ??? ( now another waiting game :(
  12. It's a pretty common line that most of the applicant's found in their GCMS notes recently. No need to complicate/confuse things with criteria that we don't know.
  13. Its dated 7th dec but my rep never told about it may be its pcc and sch a which was uploaded at that time
    Will check once again with my rep
    Thanks ya
  14. Hello everyone.
    I am an Indian and my husband is Canadian. We applied in July 2017.
    My status :-
    1)We received your application on 7th July 2017
    2)We started processing your application on 15th November 2017
    3)Medical results have been received
    4)We sent you a correspondence on sept 1st 2017.If you’ve not yet provided with the information asked, please do it soon.

    Although the correspondence asked for Schedule A and PCC and I’ve sent that in the asked time.
    Please help me about some info regarding my application.What should I expect next? My VO is New Delhi.Thank you.
  15. After we get a e mail saying that the NDVO started processing our application in November 2017,how long will it take for them to update me for an interview or visa stamping?
    Please help

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