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New Delhi (NDVO) 2017 - Spousal Sponsorship Outside Canada

Discussion in 'Family Class Sponsorship' started by steller, Sep 10, 2017.

  1. We did, didn’t leave anything incomplete, all proofs and documents submitted on time and even CIC never asked for anything additional and in my notes they are satisfied with everything and eligibility pass but unlucky still waiting for bgc to start!! Lucky you!!
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  2. Recommended passed is a really good sign; the visa officer is satisfied with your relationship and documents. The visa officer from Mississauga who did your sponsor eligibility will take a look at your file and mark the recommended passed to passed once he/she reviews and is satisfied with your file then your BGC will start; this will be around February 21, 2018 as per your application assignment due date; this date might get changed depending on backlog.
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  3. Buddy he might filled intention to stay somewhere other than Ontario.. Moreover, their are many people who got their stuff done in 3-4 months.

    Or may be he is earning 200K per annum and giving tons of tax to the Canadian Government lol

    In short, they are not lucky. We are unlucky I would say who are still hanging up !!
  4. I’m assuming your file location is FCU-DIS? The next time someone will look at your file is January 10, 2017 it might be the Visa Officer At NDVO or the Visa Officer At Mississauga; if there’s no backlog or you happen to be lucky, it will be the Mississauga VO who will change your Recommended Passed to Passed and will start your BGC; but of course going by NDVO’s progress and the backlog; the VO at NDVO might look at your file and might set a new Application Date sometime in February so that the VO At Mississauga can mark your file as Passed and start BGC.
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  5. Yes location is FCU-DIS. Thanks!
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  6. signed the petition. Thanks for taking initiative.
  7. I already said buddy that we are unlucky and I am jealous too !
  8. Sorry for the late reply, was way too busy in work.

    I got my AOR on July 17.
    SA got eligibility completed in August
    My file reached NDVO on September 1
    Submitted my PCC on september 15
    PA got phone call on dec 22
    Got email for Interview at NDVO on Dec 27
  9. @arsh2426 what's your application received date?
  10. I posted my file on June 05 and got my file number on July 17
  11. When is the interview scheduled?
  12. Jan 30th I gather from his earlier posts
  13. JAN 30
  14. hopefully, you hear something soon too
  15. @nikhil1308 when did you get a msg to collect your passport from the Delhi Office? I submitted my passport on the 14th of December and still haven't received it. It still says 'in process' on the vfs tracking website

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