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New Delhi (NDVO) 2017 - Spousal Sponsorship Outside Canada

Discussion in 'Family Class Sponsorship' started by steller, Sep 10, 2017.

  1. App recieve: 3rd March 2017
    AOR:17th March
    Med request: 13TH APRIL 2017
    MED DONE:15TH APRIL 2017
    BGC REQ: 18TH SEPT 2017

  2. I have 3 small and maybe answered questions floating someone here in this forum site.

    1. We received aor1 on Friday. Tried different combos but still says no file found. I even followed some other posters advice on how to fill but nothing. Did anyone experience a delay? Maybe its on cics side because they do state it may not be uploaded yet.

    2. My husband will be leaving India for work on the 12th. And his phone number will not be in use where He is. Now i have seen some people say the VO calls the P.A. So what sound we do hear? Is is possible to have them communicate with him through email and he can call them?

    3. If he gets called for an interview. What kind of documents does he need to bring with him? Would he need to bring the marriage certificate?

    Thanks for anyone that can answer these. Greatly appreciated.
  3. 1. regarding your first question, has ur PA previously applied for a visa to canada and already has a UCI number? if so then try his current passport combination and enter 2 in number of family and enter "single" in marital status... that might work if he had previously applied to canada while he was single

    2. since you just recently applied and got AOR1 it will be a while (maybe 5-6 months) before your visa office (NDVO?) decides to call your PA for an interview (however majority of the cases we do not see a phone call, it is rare, and usually you get notified through email/gc account)
  4. Okay, we will try that. Yes we applied in 2016 for his visitor visa. Thank you for the suggestion. We probably do have an UCI number from that but honestly, we can't remember the gckey ID that we used then so we don't know how else to look up the UCI number. That's our mistake but they did give us a uci number along with the app number.

    Oh perfect. Thank you so much. I just saw a poster say about a phone call so I was curious what to do. He will be out of India for up to 8 months for work.
  5. the UCI number will be the same as your current ID but u can just use the last name application number, marital status, and passport number.. and the GC ID key could be different if you wanted. good luck
  6. Decision Made!! Finally :):D:):D
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  7. Congrats Bro!

    That means NDVO work on Saturday also.
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  8. Thanks! It’s updated today Morning (Sunday)
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  9. Cngrts nd oll d best
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  10. Congratulations dear
    Whats your timeline and AOR2?
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  11. Congratulations
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  12. Ur timeline please
  13. Thank you!!
  14. Thank you!!:)
  15. Time line pls?
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