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New Delhi (NDVO) 2017 - Spousal Sponsorship Outside Canada

Discussion in 'Family Class Sponsorship' started by steller, Sep 10, 2017.

  1. @arsh2426 Could you please share your timeline
  2. Any June applicant gt bgc strtd ?

  3. he like to remain hidden and not willing to share information. He only seeks information.
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  4. Hello there,

    I tried signing the petition multiple time , but each time when I click submit it's trying to send me link to my email but i dont see any email coming thru to my account. ..am i doing something wrong ?

    Just wondering how this petition gonna help us ? I am march applicant and bcg has not even started yet
  5. Start from fresh and use Internet explorer 11.
  6. My application from ecas disappeared. Is this the case with anyone else?
  7. Any updates from NDVO today or yesterday for any applicant ?
    Do they roll out updates only on Mondays/Tuesdays ?
  8. Create account on change.org
    Then proceed further!
  9. I wouldn't say conclusion, but yes based on that i assumed.
  10. I did not have anything special in my application. i am just assuming that my file was selected based on the folder path in GCMS notes. i think i just got lucky. i do not have any tips. just follow instructions on CIC website while submitting your file.
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    Hello everyone!
    I applied for GSCS notes on December 6 2017 and just got them via email this morning... (June applicant)
    -Criminality and Medial passed, Eligibility in process (recommended passed), Security not started.
    -It says recommended interview waiver.
    -Last update was on November 20th 2017, and in the comments it says that file forwarded to officer for further review and decision.
    -October 23rd in the notes it says part of PAT 3 Group.... Special instructions apply ***Anyone else have this?***
    -In August 15th it said case held as per CPCM back office pilot program...... just mentioned once in the notes.
    -****Application Assignment due date February 21, 2018.. What does that mean???**
    Any thoughts!!?
  12. I have noticed that there are people here who have had “PAT 3 Special Instructions apply” as part of your GCMS notesà do you guys have something in common among your principal applicant? Such as: Has your principal applicant lived in other countries other than their home country? Has your spouse have refused visas? Education level of principle applicant? Love/Arranged marriage? If we narrow key elements I think we can figure out what this PAT 3 is in regards to.
  13. Applied May 16 2017

    -Criminality - passed
    -Medial - passed
    -Eligibility - recommend passed
    - Security - not started
    -Info Sharing -
    -File forwarded to officer for further review and decision.
    -Application Assignment due date January 10 2018

    Any insights friends?

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    Petition should help us either make the process faster or more transparent as to letting us know what is going on or give us visitor visa or have a new dependent visa in the mean time is what I am hoping for, mainly would like to appeal for some sort of dependent visa like other countries, something like on arrival right after wedding no questions asked only have to provide marriage certificate original - that is how AUS is working I heard!

    We have 420 signatures in ~ 24 hours obviously we are not alone, I would like to forward it to Minister of Immigration if we can get 1000 supporters? I dont know, I am open for suggestions and ideas. We got some really nice comments from people as well which will make a good impact when we submit this. I just think something has to change. This is an on going problem for many many many years and I find it surprising that there has been no effort from all immigrants to make a change. We could also include Nadir Patel at NDVO and see where it goes.

    I have even donated $50 to promote the petition to make it more visible and advertise it and in my letter of appeal I have specifically mentioned about March applicants as well, mainly on your behalf. I am trying my best to make it better for everyone not just me.
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  15. I have not heard anything from PR office but I have been asked to collect the passports from Delhi office. I do not know the result of TRV that I had applied on 13th Dec but they did respond back.

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