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New Brunswick Job fair - Mauritius

Discussion in 'Provincial Nomination Program Immigration' started by likhitha, Apr 3, 2019.

  1. I guess the Job fair at Mauritius is cancelled as no one is world got invite for the same...:)
  2. I am a cook, anyone else?
  3. I got invite for mauritius job fair now.
  4. congrats..can you tell me the date and time of attend the job fair mauritus
  5. 10 a.m on may 3. Yours?
  6. Hi guys I have been invited for Mauritius but it doesn't says where is the exact hotel and time.. here is the email

    Event Confirmation

    Apr 28 at 12:30 PM

    Hello ..(my name),

    Your attendance has been confirmed for the Mauritius - New Brunswick Job Fair, May 2 & 3 2019.

    GNB Team
  7. Can anyone here who also receive the email and says the location and time?
  8. Where are you travelling from?
  9. U must have received a mail prior to that....mentioning venue
  10. I haven't received any email prior to that about the location or time or maybe they will send tomorrow? I don't know..have you receive one? Can you PM me? I'm actually thinking if I will attend of not. I will be coming from UAE if ever.
  11. Guys for those who have received invitation like me for MAURITIUS job fair, will be appreciated if you could PM me the venue and time of the event so I can arrange my travel schedule. I have tried to email NB but they haven't replied yet possibly because it's Sunday. And UAE time is 7 hours ahead of NB so if they are going to reply then it's already night here tomorrow. Your help would be much appreciated. Thank you..
  12. For those who will be coming from Dubai, would be very much appreciated if you could share your plan to attend. Thank you
  13. Until what time is the fair? Can i book back my retirn ticket around 8.40 back?
  14. Ma'am/sir,

    I have PM you about where is the venue and time of the Mauritius job fair so I can book my ticket.. they only confirmed my attendance but they haven't mentioned the hotel date and time
  15. I have tecerecethe invitation but it's quite late how to move forward as I have hardly got time

    Pls help

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