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New baby born after i got my Visa and COPR

Discussion in 'Visa Offices in Asia' started by francis_mumbai, Oct 15, 2018.

  1. I got my Visa and COPR last week.
    Me and my wife are expecting our 2nd baby in first week of Nov 2018.
    I raised an enquiry and intimated the same online to Canadian High Commission, New Delhi.
    i got a reply asking me to submit my passport and COPR as i was planning to travel to canada in Jan 2019 which falls after the birth of my child.
    Also they have asked me to submit following:
    - New IMM0008 form.
    - Additional family information forms.
    - Copy of birth certificate
    - Copy of passport of your child

    Now, do i have to submit passport and COPR immediately and rest of the docs after the childs birth or how?
    Will the whole process start once again for all family members including mine?
    Will my visa validity will increase? asking this because i have 3 months notice period to server in my present organisation and if the above process take more than months time from birth of child, and after i receive my new visa and then i resign the by the time my notice period gets over my visa validity will expire.

    Please share details if someone has faced this situation before or have knowledge of the same.
  2. You should submit everything AFTER the child is born. Until the child is actually born, there is no change in the application status.

    It will add to the processing time for the application as a whole but they will not reprocess the applicants that have been done already.

    How long it will take and whether new medical examinations will be requested, I cannot say.
  3. Thnx for your reply. Any idea they will increase the expiry date of VISA/COPR?
  4. It totally depends on your (and your dependents) medical dates. The VO has the option to request an extension of the medical examination results but if this is not possible, you will either have no extension of the COPR expiry date or you may be required to retake the medical examination.
  5. Hello all,

    I have a similar issue

    I have applied for express entry online with my spouse as dependent. Received ITA on February 7, 2018. Submitted my Application on April 30, 2018. Received Visa with Passport on September 5, 2018.

    My visa was processed in Singapore Visa Office.

    On September 30, 2018, we had a baby. On October 11, 2018 raised a CSE through IRCC Webform regarding guidance & instruction to include the baby in the application to Singapore Visa Office.

    In the mean time, I have collected the Birth Certificate and applied for my baby's passport and is in process. Will receive it by tomorrow. I have also paid the advance payment of CAD150.00

    However, it has been 27 days since I raised the CSE and I still did not get any response from the Visa Office. What to do now?

    I have gone through several threads in the forum and some say i have taken the right approach. Then there are other approaches.

    I also have a confusion regarding imm0008 form. Which imm0008 form should filled.
    Is it IMM0008 - Generic Application Form for Canada - November 2018? or
    Is it IMM0008 Dep - Additional Dependents/Declaration - November 2018?

    Please advice.
  6. I've done this successfully for my brother, who has PR and completed landing formalities now... So I know what I'm talking about lol

    This is what I did
    1 - write a cover letter explaining that you had a child and you're adding them to the application.
    2 - Fill IMM0008 Dep - Additional Dependents/Declaration form.... I had both my bro and his wife sign it individually.
    3 - attached receipt of payment of additional dependent... which is the $150 payment you made.. (You need to attach receipt, otherwise they will not know that you made the payment... and receipt has a barcode on it)
    4 - attach birth certificate
    5 - attach baby's passport copy
    6 - attach baby's passed medical... yes - baby's medical needs to be added also... they do very basic things, dont even do blood test actually.
    7 - attach updated PoF for the additional dependent... a lot of people forget this, but you need to show that you have enough updated funds to support another baby.

    You raise a CSE attaching all the above documents... after that - you wait... wait till they add your child to your application on the EE portal...

    Usually takes arounda month, sometimes longer... so keep checking the portal daily.

    If you have any further questions, inbox me - i dont spend much time on the forum anymore.

    good luck.
  7. Thank You. I will give an update once done with the formalities.
  8. Hello thestunnner
    Congrats on the new born!
    I wanted to know:
    1) how did you do the E-medical before CIC requested it - they usually send a medical request which you show to the Doctor?
    2) Also when you paid the $150, which did you select:
    - Sponsor a dependent child
    - Include any dependent child
    Thanks in advance!

  9. Dear Jim Shady,

    Q1: For E-medical, you do not need to wait for a request from CIC. You simply go to one of the panel doctors and complete the medical. You just have to upload the information sheet they provide you when uploading all the documents through IRCC web for or mail your respective via processing office.

    Q2: Include any dependent child.

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  10. Thankyou very much Tantanitaj

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