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Nairobi Kenya PR Application

Discussion in 'Skilled Worker / Professional Immigration' started by Mtunguyas, Jan 9, 2018.

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  2. hi all,
    Stream FSW-0
    AOR 21 Nov 17
    ADR Feb 12, and the wait starts or continues.........
  3. Hey thanks @Mtunguyas

    @wyclef, are you ip1/2
    Did you pass medicals?
    When was your file transferred to Nairobi??
    What was the ADR for??
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  4. Hi @sm2133

    You can meet more Nairobi applicants here. Any good news ?
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  6. @danielgirma estimate is completeness check was done 06 DEC 17
    i had ADR for US PCC & got two 60 day extensions, one on 06DEC17 & the other on 06FEB18
    submitted US PCC on 12Feb18, so i'm guessing IP2? what stream are you in?
  7. @wyclef I'm skilled Worker overseas outland
    How do you communicate with Nairobi office?? For adr extension etc
    Since when has ur file been transferred to Nairobi office?
  8. @danielgirma from what i understand the files are not transferred to the local visa offices until the very end, so all the communication has been from the central office in Ottawa
  9. Hey guys

    Any updates on your way application??
    Mine is sitting in same status.
  10. nothing yet, real patience test for sure. when was your AOR?
  11. AOR Feb 19th man

    Real patience test for real
  12. @wyclef; I noticed you mentioned all communication was with central office. Your file didn't get to Nairobi vo??
  13. haha Feb 19th, 2017 or 2018? my AOR is Nov 21st, 2017, everything is on hold, Lol.

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