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Nairobi Kenya PR Application

Discussion in 'Skilled Worker / Professional Immigration' started by Mtunguyas, Jan 9, 2018.

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    Dear Kenyans,

    Please share your experiences of your road to "Canaan"

    I am waiting for more than 6 months
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  2. Hahaha. Canaan is real. File transferred to Nairobi feb 6th.
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  3. Yea this journey to our Canaan is crazy. I was just wishing to be deported/exiled like Miguna Miguna..lol! When is ur AOR?
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  4. Haha. I received second AOR Jan 30. Your journey to Canaan will happen.
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  5. Ok, this year? Are u in Nairobi?
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  6. I was reading your post. You are in the Expres program. Yangu ni family sponsorship. Applied last year November still waiting.
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  7. Ok, for you the wait will be short.
  8. How is it going for you?
  9. Mtunguyas. Medical next week
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  10. What about you.
  11. I am still waiting....no new development.
  12. Pole what if you email them. Uko 254 or stato?
  13. I have tried - mails and calls dont help. Only option is being patient.
  14. Yes just be patient and pray
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