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Nairobi/Dar es Salaam federal applicantion status

Discussion in 'Visa Offices in Africa' started by Chemi, Apr 13, 2017.

  1. They contain information on security screening according to claims on the forum on this website..search on the forums and you will see.
    Which website did u apply through for gcms notes? that was fast.
  2. www.getgcms.com/order-now ---> They offer CBSA/CSIS notes
  3. I applied by getgcms.com
    Nd selected e-GCMS option 15$US
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  4. Any news??

    Regarding the security screening i found this info>>>

    What does s.15 / s 16 information withheld and blank pages in GCMS notes means?

    When you see a blank page or pages in your GCMS notes with s15 or s16 at the right top corner, this is what it means:

    These sections correspond to the s 16 and s15 of the Access to Information Act, same act under which your request fro GCMS notes.

    Section 15 pertains to "International affairs and defence;" and
    Section 16 pertains to "Law enforcement and investigations"

    IRCC can refuse to disclose specific information under any of these two sections.

    What does refusal to disclose information under these sections mean and how it impacts the application?

    1. Section 15 -

    Information under this section is hidden when IRCC or a Canadian agency has requested information from a foreign government or agency. It could be anything from checking your record in a foreign country to verifying the information you have supplied in your application. CSIS also requests information on your criminality or association with terrorism if they suspect any. However, most people who would see this would be those who have worked for foreign governments, especially military. Most of the applicants who see this on the GCMS notes, need not worry, as this is a routine check and does not impact the application. It may delay the application, but will not be harmful, unless IRCC finds something seriously wrong.

    2. Section 16 -

    This refers to refusal to disclose based on information prepared by a government institution which investigates to detect crime, threats to Canada, investigation reports by federal and provincial agencies. When you see this section under which information is withheld, it usually is for applicants who are inland applicants. This is mostly to verify the RCMP reports, or verify all places an applicant has lived in Canada and ensuring that he has no pending cases or arrests pending.

    Why only some applicants have this and others don't.

    All applications are verified on a large database and CSIS conducts its own separate investigation before giving a clearance. Some applicants form terrorist prone hubs, or who come from countries, or have travelled to countries known for drug trafficking, human trafficking, etc, are scrutinized. The officers are trained to filter applications and separate out some for in-depth verification before they are approved. Further, and applicants past military record, working for the government, traveling to some drug source countries, or frequent travels will trigger this. Some applicants also come from countries where polygamy is legal, where as in Canada it is not. This also has to be verified. It is the totality of the circumstances and not one circumstance that would lead to refusal to disclose.

    Should I be concerned when I see it in my notes.

    The answer is No. Unless you are aware of something which you should have disclosed, but did not. In most cases, this refusal to disclose is not harmful and does not have any bearing on your application. Just wait and your application will proceed in no time. Usually, when you see refusal to disclose you can only predict why this happening and in most cases it is a small detail, which you would have never even imagined.

    Ending thoughts.

    Usually when you see these sections you will see 16(c) or 15(1). This helps in ascertaining what it might be, but it is application specific and I cannot answer it, but only can predict. Eg. one of the applicants had a lot of information withheld under 15(1) and he had no idea. When I helped him in reading his notes, we in different scenarios and then he remembered that the company he used to work for went bankrupt and the country initiated proceedings for fraud and the white collar crimes. However, he was only an employee and has nothing to do with it. Still his name as an employee was there and this is what could have triggered an investigation to ensure that that he is not connected with or wanted in any white collar crime.

    To read what the sections exactly state - http://laws-lois.justice.gc.ca/eng/acts/A-1/page-3.html#h-10
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  5. Hi .
    Plwase how do you know about the move of your file?
  6. Hello guys.. i applied for a study permit on 28th dec 2017, got my medical exam request on 31st april 2018 submitted it on 4th may, does it mean that i will have to wait for over 5 months for PPR??..i am from Rwanda and our visa process is done in Tanzania.. is there a guy with the same case as mine?
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  7. I mailed to cic ottowa to know my Visa office and after that cic nd Nairobi both replied nd confirmed.
  8. am new in this forum and happy to be here. do you have offices or that can help in getting us started on our way to canada. am currently in kampala uganda.
  9. Have you received ITA?
  10. i don't have ITA yet. what is ITA? I just did the accessment
  11. OK but this is a forum by an immigration law firm. You could contact them if you need assistance in your application. Otherwise you can use the IRCC website to apply directly. Also u ll find all the details of documentation you need to submit an application. Once you submit is when you get ITA (inviatation to apply) if your score is above the cut off points.

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