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Nairobi/Dar es Salaam federal applicantion status

Discussion in 'Visa Offices in Africa' started by Chemi, Apr 13, 2017.

  1. Not really... still my BG check in processing from June 12th 2017... last year Oid quota was finished.. already some VOs issued ppr last week but no one issue any medical request.. as my status I should get ppr now.. hope so
  2. What is Oid quota?
  3. Saskachewan pnp program Occupation in Demand... Are you pnp or express Entry??
  4. Ok, Express entry - FSW
  5. Have you done your medical?
  6. Yes i did my medicals in April 2017. And u?
    Do you think the political crisis in Kenya affected their work?
  7. Passed my medicals on 26 June 2017
  8. I don’t think it will...bcoz last week they replied my mail.. maybe it’s a matter of time to be patience.. soon they’ll reply
  9. Yes, I hope soon for both of us.
  10. Did you knock them to know your update through email or phone call?.... Is it wise idea to call them? Do you know anyone else of this same VO?
  11. I called the High commission, but they only gave me a mail for the immigration department becasue they said they do not take calls - nrobi-immigration@international.gc.ca. You can try and call the High commission and see how it goes. I dont know any other applicant.
  12. If you get any update please let me know
  13. Sure will let you know. Like wise, let me know how ur case proceeds.
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  14. Hello friend,
    Any update have you got yet??
  15. Nothing for now, I have wrote a mail to High commission this week asking for a status update. I have also ordered GCMS notes. So i hope atleast by end of March i will know something.

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