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My landing experience in IRCC Office, Ottawa on 23rd Jan, 2018

Discussion in 'Canadian Experience Class' started by rahul123b, Jan 23, 2018.

  1. Thanks for the reply, really appreciate that.When did you email IRCC for the appointment and when you got confirmation email for the landing interview? Can you please share the timeline?
  2. I sent the email on Mar15th and got reply on Mar23rd
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  3. Thank you so much. All the best for your landing interview and please share your experience after you complete the landing interview.
  4. Inland Landing Experience @ CIC Etobicoke​

    Date: 25-March-2019
    Appointment Time: 11AM
    CEC Inland: Primary Applicant + Spouse + Toddler

    Here is my PPR story and timeline.
    7:00 AM
    We woke up and got ready for the long day ahead, excited and nervous at the same time. We promised our 3-year old daughter last night that we will drive to McDonald’ for breakfast tomorrow so we reminded her about it this morning again (Just to motivate her so she gets ready faster ;) I guess she was also happy like us but for the breakfast :)

    8:35 AM
    Ready to hit the road. We left early to beat the morning traffic rush and unexpected delays (if any)

    9:17 AM
    We reached at the CIC Etobicoke office and parked our car in the basement Impark parking lot. The hourly charge is $6.00 and the max for the day is $12.00. If you are driving here, I recommend reaching there early to get a parking spot as most of the parking is occupied by monthly parkers or building occupants. We headed to the ground floor where CIC office is.

    9:33 AM
    We were standing at the front desk and a person handed us the token number after looking at our appointment letters. The space was not crowded at that time, and we find the space to sit. We didn’t have to wait too long for our token number to be displayed on the display boards.

    9:45 AM
    We went to the counter number displayed against our token number. Please note that though our appointment time was 11AM, no one raised any questions why we came 1.5 hours before. I recommend going as early as possible to avoid crowd during the latter part of the day.

    A lady greeted us and asked for our appointment letters. She then asked for COPRs and Passports. She asked if the first and last entry dates are correct on COPR. It wasn’t so we told her the correct dates and she corrected them manually on all COPRs. Then she asked few questions; if I have any other spouses in other countries. I said the current one is more than enough . Then she asked if I was convicted or deported from any country, the answer was No. It took her sometime to correct the dates. Then she asked us to sign the COPRs and congratulated us. I asked her if she needs the additional photos we brought, she said it is not required as the photos on COPRs look good. I asked if she needs the RPRF receipt, she said it is not required. Then I asked if she needs our current/old work permits. She said you can keep them as souvenir :D I finally asked her to validate the mailing address for the PR card delivery and she confirmed the address. She handed over the copies of COPRs and Passports. She congratulated us once again and asked us to go to Service Canada office next door to get our permanent SIN.

    Another important point to note that after landing keep the copy of COPR safe as you will need it when you apply for citizenship and when you turn 65 and apply for old age pension. You cannot laminate the COPR.

    10:24 AM
    We rearranged all our documents and headed to the Service Canada office next door.

    10:29 AM
    We got the forms at Service Canada as we need to update SINs for all of us.

    11:06 AM
    We were called to a counter and our new SINs were created. We also took the copy of our current SINs just in case they ask for it. The person congratulated us and informed us to update the SIN with the employer.

    11:28 AM
    We drove to the Service Ontario nearby my home to update our health cards with the new status.

    12:04 PM
    We reached Service Ontario and asked the front desk lady for the Health Card forms to update them with our new status. Also got the token number.

    12:47 PM
    Our token number displayed, and we went to the counter. The lady asked for the forms, current health cards and COPRs. She processed them and provided the receipts. She didn’t click the pictures for the new health cards as she informed us that they will use the old health card pictures. She then punched the old health card, so they became invalid, BUT she informed that we can still make doctor’s appointment with those cards along with the receipts, and they will be valid until we get the new cards.

    1:11 PM
    We were out of Service Ontario and headed to our tax consultant office so that we can file the 2018 taxes with our new SINs :)

    1:32 PM
    We reached our tax consultant office and she updated the SINs while filing our taxes for 2018.

    2:16 PM
    We were done with all the important tasks and now is the time to fulfill the promise I made to my daughter – breakfast at McDonald’s

    2:32 PM
    We were sitting at a McDonald’s and enjoyed the breakfast/meals. The happiness on my daughter’s face – Priceless.

    And then the most innocent question she asked – “Daddy, why are we eating breakfast so late?” (Don’t worry, she was eating throughout the day. We usually keep a bag full of her favorite snacks and meals ;)

    3:36 PM
    Home Sweet Home
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  5. Congrats!
    Thank you for sharing your experience.

    Could you let me know what documents you were asked to have at your interview?
    I got an invitation letter for landing today. They asked me to have the following doc:

    "Proof of current employment or termination of welfare benefits (for independent or sponsored persons only- including Live-in Caregivers)"

    I just wanted to know if this is normal. I'm an CEC applicant. The appointment is not at CIC Etobicoke.
  6. Hi @aasaf These are the documents I have been asked to bring:

    Please bring this invitation letter to the interview. You must also attend the interview with the following:
     Your passport

    o You must provide us with satisfactory original identity documents in order to acquire permanent residence status.
    o If your passport is currently being held by the Government of Canada (IRCC/CBSA), we will request it on your behalf.
     Two photographs for your permanent resident card
    o Permanent resident card photograph specifications are listed on the following page.
    o We will not process photographs that do not meet our specifications.
     Your current Social Insurance Number, only if you are in possession of one
    o You will need to change your Social Insurance Number (SIN) to reflect your new status as a permanent resident.
    o Service Canada representatives may be available at this interview to assist you in obtaining your new SIN.
     Your in-Canada dependent(s), only if you have included them in your permanent residence application
    o Your dependent(s) must also bring their passport and photographs, as well as their SIN if in possession of one.
     Your sponsor, only if you are landing under the Spouse or Common-Law Partner in-Canada Class
    o Your sponsor must bring photo identification and proof of address.
     Your own interpreter, only if you require one as necessary
    o Please note that we only provide service in English and French.
    Out of the above, I have been asked for Passports, COPRs only. If you are employed, you can bring the joining letter or the employment letter you submitted during the PR process. I am not sure about the second part of the document they asked for you (termination of welfare benefits (for independent or sponsored persons only- including Live-in Caregivers)). Did you recently extended your work permit or did it expire recently?
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  7. Thank you for your response.

    I've been officially unemployed since I applied for PR, and was working on my personal projects. My current work permit is still valid till Apr 30, and I've already applied for BOWP.
  8. Thank you so much for sharing your experience, really appreciate that. I have some questions,
    1.When did you email IRCC to book the appointment and when did you get email with landing interview date?
    2.What document you need when you apply for your permanent SIN?
    3. What documents you need when you renew your Health card?
  9. 1. I mailed them on 1-March-2019, received a response on 15-March-2019 for the interview scheduled on 25-March-2019.
    2. Passport, Copy of your current SIN, COPR
    3. Passport, Current health card, COPR

    Apart from these, we took all other documents too. You never know when they ask for anything additional; Current/old work permits, old passport, marriage certificate, birth certificates, bank statements, Copy of employment letters, Copy of pay slips/T4s, copy of RPRF receipts, additional photos, etc. I recommend taking most of the important documents with you. You may or may not need them but your mind will peaceful thinking you have everything under control :) Good luck!
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  10. Thanks a lot for answering my questions.You provided lots of detailed information which will help me to prepare well for my landing interview. Also I would like to congratulate you for becoming a PR.
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  11. It took about 12 days to reply mine.
  12. To renew your current health card also bring your employment letter and current work permit. Service Ontario has to “bridge” those two. Otherwise you have to wait three months without health coverage.
  13. Also fill change of information form twice.

  14. Congrats! could you please explain how officer corrected the first and last entry dates manually on your COPRs? you also said "It took her sometime to correct the dates."
  15. The officer strikethrough the incorrect dates printed on the COPR and wrote the corrected date below it with a black pen by hand along with his/her initials.
    Every applicant gets two copies of COPR; one is submitted to CIC during the landing, and the other one is your copy to keep. We are family of three so total 6 COPRs. Our first and last entry on all COPRs were incorrect. That means the officer needs to manually correct 12 dates in total and they will also verify the dates if you have entry stamps on your passport. So it took her sometime to correct those dates on all COPRs. In addition to these dates, they need to enter the following information manually too:
    - Became PR on: <Date>
    - Became PR at: <Place>
    - Last entry at: <Place>
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