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Mon Project : Cap-exempt applicants

Discussion in 'Quebec Immigration' started by APPNOV2014NY, Mar 8, 2016.

  1. hello APPNOV,

    Thanks for the answer, i have small clarification , shall i mention my current designation as " CNC programmer" and Intended occupation as " Mechanical Engineer" because if in later stage if CIC ask for Experience letter , i believe my company wont give letter with job description matching mechanical engineer.
  2. Never heard of CIC asking for Experience letter for QSW. They might ask for resume though.
  3. hello APPNOV,

    1. i have 2 copies of CSQ, which one needs to submit to CIC.(any one copy is OK or is specific copy to be sent)
    2. for self addressed envelops, do i need put stamps.
  4. 1. The one with 2-IMMIGRATION-CANADA at bottom right corner
    2. No.
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  5. Hello all,
    I sent my documents for CSQ application in July 25th, how long should I wait for the CSQ arrive at home?

    Here is my complete timeline:
    2017-Jan-27 - Applied on Mon projet
    2017-Jun-29 - List with requested documents
    2017-Jul-25 - Docs sent to MIDI
    2017-Jul-31 - Confirmation of docs received
    2017-XX-XX - Waiting for my CSQ!

    I'm looking forward to received it and celebrate!

    Merci a tous
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  6. Hello!!

    Do you have any update? We have almost the same timeline, my documents were also received there in 31 July 2017.

    Let me know!!!
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  7. Hello!!!
    Did you receive your CSQ already?

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    do you mind telling us when did you apply for csq?
  9. Check my signature
  10. oh sorry. I thought I had asked GSD88.

  11. I received yesterday my CSQ

  12. CONGRATS!!!

    Did you receive any update between the time when they received the documents and when you received the CSQ at home?
    People usually say we should get no information from them in the meantime, just wait for the CSQ..

    thanks for you reply and ENJOY your CSQ!!!
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  13. Any idea after CSQ has received the status on mon projet quebec would be ?
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  14. Hi All, Any March 2017 applicants here? Anyone who's applied in March or afterwards has received the personalized checklist?
  15. I applied in Feb 22nd and havent received the checklist yet...I'm an Inland applicant
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